February 28, 2006 - Artadia - Artadia Congratulates 2006 Whitney Biennial artists
February 28, 2006

Artadia Congratulates 2006 Whitney Biennial artists

Amy Blakemore, Miss Goodner’, 1996/2005
chromogenic print, ed 10, 19 x 19 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Inman Gallery, Houston

Artadia Congratulates
2006 Whitney Biennial artists:

Amy Blakemore, Kota Ezawa,
Deva Maitland, and Robert Pruitt

Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue
210 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 503
New York, NY 10001

The vibrancy of artistic practice in communities around the country is perhaps best showcased at the Whitney Biennial. Co-curated by Chrissie Iles and Philippe Vergne of the Walker Art Center, this years Biennial features a diverse range of artists working in a variety of media and representing multiple geographies. Mr. Vergnes and Ms. Iles globetrotting efforts to bring together the myriad ideas shaping contemporary culture is sure, if not to please, then, to provoke thoughtful discussion.

Artadia The Fund for Art and Dialogue is an artist-centric organization that shares the idea that artists represent the very foundation of our creative culture. Artadia is thrilled that four out of our thirty-five award recipients from our last three grant cycles have been included in this years Whitney Biennial. Amy Blakemore, Deva Maitland, Kota Ezawa and Robert Pruitt represent each of the communities in the Artadia Network: Houston, San Francisco, and Chicago, and reflect the diversity of practice that the Whitney is dedicated to presenting. Artadia is tremendously proud to be associated with Amy, Deva, Kota and Robert who make exceptional work, while playing a vital role in their communities.

In addition to providing direct financial support to artists around the country Artadia has provided more than $1 million in aggregate support so far we have built a national network of curators, collectors, dealers and museums to help artists establish relationships. Artadia publishes catalogues of artists work that serve as an enduring record of their achievement and host exhibitions to ensure broader public exposure of their work.

If youd like to know more about how you can help us support artists in your community, please contact info@artadia.org.

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