February 16, 2006 - Parkett - with Kai Althoff, Glenn Brown, Dana Schutz.`
February 16, 2006

with Kai Althoff, Glenn Brown, Dana Schutz.`

PARKETT vol. 75
Kai Althoff, Glenn Brown, Dana Schutz


Parketts unparalleled explorations and investigations of important international contemporary artists by acclaimed writers and critics continue in vol. 75 featuring Kai Althoff, Glenn Brown, and Dana Schutz.
Kai Althoffs lusty creations reveal a most agile juggling of diversely inspired modes of expression, from paintings of lean men in military uniforms, to innocent coming-of-age colored pencil illustrations. His awkward, life-size installations appear to be made by some sort of creepy storyteller. Althoffs sensuous workingsat once edgy, angst-full and punk, devotional and cultishpossess a somber luminosity that continues to radiate and perplex.
Glenn Brown, vol. 75s second collaborating artist, has a sorcerers bag of techniques that he employs to produce a mix of hyper-reality and illusion, providing a perverse and somewhat ominous pause. Browns paintings and sculptures are maximally intricate and hyper-composed. They are rendered with the intense detail of a tripped-out sci-fi animator. Their obsessive articulation unveils a fully-realized, uninhabitable dreamscape; yet seen within the sobering lens that the art context provides, their psychedelic remoteness, their intentionality, their accuracy, provides a menacing close-up of the bizarre world in which we all livegroping for our daily survival.
Dana Schutz, vol. 75s third collaborating artist, is another painter whose virtuoso and devotion to the medium sets her back in time across the spans of paintings heroes and wondrous history. Schutz seems to be leading a pack of grotesque voyeurs toward moments of brilliant exposition and intricate explosion. Be it a dissected corpse, a nude hippie chick sitting Indian-style in a fern-infested daze, or the disrobed boyfriend reclining on the beach, her painted world, her monster mash, is decadently radiant and ecstatic, but also frighteningly ghoulishan apocalypse on the verge of constant atrocity.
Texts on Kai Althoff by Jordan Kantor, Veit Loers, and Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, on Glenn Brown by Jennifer Higgie, Trevor Smith, and Jörg Heiser, and on Dana Schutz by Katrin Wittneven, Jan Avgikos, and Brian Sholis.

In addition: Michael Lobel on Sturtevant; Daniel Baumann converses with Seth Price; Rachel Kent writes on the legacy of Bas Jan Ader. There are also texts by Gianfranco Maraniello and Rudolf Schmitz; Duncan Fallowell talks over tea with Grayson Perry, and Angelika Affentranger-Kirchrath investigates four projects by Rémy Markowitsch plus a photographic insert by Balthasar Burkhard, and spine by Carsten Nicolai.

For more details on the new Parkett, its content and artists editions as well as for subscriptions and back issues please go to www.parkettart.com

Share - with Kai Althoff, Glenn Brown, Dana Schutz.`
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