February 7, 2006 - Busan Biennale - Sept. 16-Nov. 25, 2006
February 7, 2006

Sept. 16-Nov. 25, 2006

Busan Biennale 2006
Sept. 16-Nov. 25, 2006 /

Busan Museum of Modern Art, Haeundau Beach, etc.
Busan, Korea.
Theme: Everywhere
Host: Busan Metropolitan City
Busan Biennale Organizing Committee
Contact: Tel. 82-51-888-6691~9
Fax. 82-51-888-6693
bbiennale [​at​] paran.com www.busanbiennale.org

The three exhibitions representing the marine capital Busan, the Busan Young Biennale of the year 1981, the Sea Art Festival of the year 1987, and the Garden Sculpture Exhibition of Busan of the year 1991, were all integrated into and relaunched as the Busan Biennale in 1998. As a successful result of 2002 and 2004, Busan Biennale has not only become one of the top four major biennales in Asia, but has also achieved truly global visibility.

The Busan Biennale 2006 aims to be as accessible as our everyday lives, as transparent as a clear day, and as invigorating as a cool, fresh breeze. Using the power of the artistic imagination, the Biennale will open up participants and visitors to new and exciting perspectives on contemporary issues in politics, economics, education, culture, the environment, as well as life in today’s cities.
Theme : Everywhere Exhibition Composition : Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sea Art Festival, Busan Sculpture Project(Special Exhibition) Period : 2006. 9. 16~11. 25(71days) * Busan Sculpture Project : 2006. 5. 27~8. 31(97days)
Venues : Busan Museum of Modern Art, Haeundae Beach, APEC Naru Park, etc.

Contemporary Art Exhibition
The Contemporary Art Exhibition in the Busan Biennale 2006 is devoted to the introduction of experimental, liberal, and ground-breaking artworks, which illustrate the latest trends in contemporary art. For this reason, the exhibition focuses on a wide range of contemporary narrative artworks, which have tended to be marginalized by the formalist approach of Western modernism. Theme : A Tale of Two Cities : Busan-Seoul/Seoul-Busan Period : 2006. 9. 16~11. 25(71days) Venues : Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan Yatching Center, CATV in Busan, etc. Artistic Director : Manu D. Park(Independent Curator) Exhibition Composition : 6 CAFEs(Contemporary Art For Exhibition) Artworks : Approximately 140 works from 40 countries
Sea Art Festival
The Sea Art Festival in the Busan Biennale 2006 offers a unique venue for exhibiting marine art in the world-class marine capital, Busan. The exhibition is designed to embody viewer-centered art an innovative art form in which artists alter the urban environment by adding artistic elements to existing ‘Street Furniture’ the mundane paraphernalia of everyday life. Truly ‘interactive,’ the artworks function with the participation and use of viewers. The exhibition will comprise three exhibitions : ‘Public Furniture’ and ‘Living Furniture,’ both of which will be held on streets near Haeundae Beach. The third exhibition – the ‘Sand Art’ exhibition – will be held on Haeundae Beach one of Busan’s most beautiful locations. Theme : Art in Life Period : 2006. 9. 16~11. 25(71days) Venues : Haeundae Beach, Road & Sidewalk between the Crossroads toward the Westin Chosun Beach Hotel
and the front of Marriot Hotel, etc. Artistic Director : Byoung-Hak Ryu(Independent Curator) Exhibition Composition : Public Furniture, Sand Art, Living Furniture Artworks : Approximately 120 works from 16 countries
Busan Sculpture Project(Special Exhibition)
The Busan Sculpture Project is a special exhibition of the Busan Biennale. Its goals are to raise awareness of the importance of the natural environment, of taking the proper measures to protect the global ecosystem, as well as appreciating the interconnectedness of human beings with all living things. To facilitate this purpose, the exhibition is composed of site-specific modern artworks as in ‘street furniture’, to be related to both the artistry of monumental mass-a characteristic of sculpture art- and aesthetic traditions with poetic metaphor and polyvalent. Theme : Homage to the Earth Period : 2006. 5. 27~8. 31 Venues : APEC Naru Park Artistic Director : Taeho Lee(Professor of Kyung-Hee Univ.) Artworks : 20 works from 13 countries

Contact Tel. 82-51-888-6691~9 Fax. 82-51-888-6693
busanbiennale@paran.com www.busanbiennale.org

Busan Biennale
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