January 11, 2006 - Badischer Kunstverein - ERNST CARAMELLE / ROSA BARBA
January 11, 2006


Ernst Caramelle, from the series Anonymous Images,
Silkscreen, 70x60cm

all printed material 1974 2005

Guest Curator: Guy Schraenen

who can tell if i am inventing?

January 18-February 26, 2006

Badischer Kunstverein
Waldstraße 3, 76133 Karlsruhe www.badischer-kunstverein.de

Opening: Tuesday, January 17, 7:00 p.m.
Press Preview: Tues, January 17, 11:00 a.m.

all printed material 1974 2005

Ernst Caramelle, born in 1952 in Tirol and professor at the Karlsruher Kunstakademie since 1994, is known above all for his space-encompassing frescoes and series of graphic works. But he is also the author of all the printed material which accompanies his works. Ever since his first exhibition, he has put great emphasis on himself designing the invitation cards, posters and publications; he renounces traditional catalogues. The Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Serralves in Porto has taken all the printed material of Caramelle invitation cards, posters, anonymous pictures, media interventions, limited editions into its collection of artists publications and exhibited them in the summer of 2005 for the first time, accompanied by an extensive catalogue. The cooperation with the Museo Serralves has made it possible to present these 150 exhibition objects at Badischer Kunstverein.

The view of all the printed material by Ernst Caramelle not only renders comprehensible thirty years of his work, but also investigates in a quite specific manner the relationships between original and counterfeit, random occurrences and constants, repetition and authenticity.

On the occasion of his exhibition in the BAWAG Foundation in Vienna during 2001, Brigitte Huck wrote: Caramelle was already thinking about the role of the artist in the art business at a time when contextuality and institutional criticism were still foreign words. () A fundamental skepticism with regard to rapidity and affirmation have generated an oeuvre which is characterized by extreme slowness and is the result of processes, a work which lives from subtraction in a world of limitless accumulation.

For the exhibition in the Badischer Kunstverein, Ernst Caramelle has also created two wall paintings at the site as well as an edition.

who can tell if i am inventing?

Rosa Barba, born in 1972 in Agrigento, studied at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne (2000-2005) and enjoyed a residency at the Rijksacademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam. In her filmic installations she breaks up the narrative unity of space and time, text and image, perspective of author and of viewer, and recombines the components with segmental shifts and empty spaces. At the fragile points of juncture or vacancy, history opens up as an incomplete project, full of possibilities and absences.

Rosa Barba transforms image and sound, in a separate and parallel manner, into indicators of a discontinuity with temporal tensions, delays, standstills and accelerations. The film projection generates a type of intermediate space between the presence in the exhibition hall and the imagined architectural space whose images are projected into the actual room. Rosa Barba pursues the instantaneous alternation between presence and absence on the textual and linguistic level: one sees plot texts instead of plot images, hears the voices of protagonists without seeing them as actors.

Four works by Rosa Barba will be presented at Badischer Kunstverein, among them a new production.

Parallel to the exhibition, there will appear printed cinema #6 the architecture of space, published by argos editions with the support of kunststiftung nrw. printed cinema #6 will be distributed as a special edition by JUNI KunstZeitSchrift and Badischer Kunstverein.

At the end of the project the completed series printed cinema 1-10 will be published as a boxed set in a limited edition of 500 by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne.

Badischer Kunstverein
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