December 9, 2005 - Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art - LA DOLCE CRISI
December 9, 2005


La Dolce Crisi: Contemporary Photography in Italy

Passariano Codroipo (Udine) – Italy

Lorenzo, Scotto di Luzio, courtesy galleria Fonti Napoli 

curated by Francesco Bonami and Sarah Cosulich Canarutto

The first exhibition that looks at contemporary Italian art through photography, a medium which in Italy has often been marginalised and bound to its technical nature.

What are the problems of Italian contemporary photography in a global world? We are not interested in the answer but we are interested in the solutions. The Centre for Contemporary Art of Villa Manin presents La Dolce Crisi, a journey through photography with twenty Italian artists in the search for possible solutions. A cultural and social crisis which has sweetly and dangerously grown on our territory. Now the moment has arrived to try to solve it, not anymore simply narrating the present but elaborating stories and images for the future.
La Dolce Crisi aims to look, more than at traditional photography, at the use of photography in the visual arts. A fresh vision which seeks to overturn stereotypes in order to trigger new interpretations of approaches and images. It is for this reason that among the invited artists there are important interpreters of classical photography as well as artists who use photography as one of their manifold expressive media. From the breaking up of the landscape to the accumulation of the urban periphery, from the ambiguity of portrait to the complexity of the visual universe of the net, from the pictorial use of digital manipulation to the crude nakedness of the real, this show will unfold in an eterogeneous pathway through the exhibition rooms of the 17th century Villa Manin.
La Dolce Crisi, a non-traditional vision which originates from tradition.

The artists in the exhibition:
Andreoni-Fortugno, Stefano Arienti, Marina Ballo Charmet, Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Letizia Battaglia, Vincenzo Castella, Paola De Pietri, Paola Di Bello, Giuseppe Gabellone, Massimo Grimaldi, Luisa Lambri, Armin Linke, Marcello Maloberti, Tancredi Mangano, Walter Niedermayr, Diego Perrone, Francesco Raffaelli, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio, Toni Thorimbert, Massimo Vitali
VILLA MANIN Centro darte Contemporanea
just one hour from Venice!

Piazza Manin 10, Passariano
33033 Codroipo (Udine) Italy .
T 39 0432 906509

Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art
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