October 10, 2005 - Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum - ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T
October 10, 2005

ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T

ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T
28 October - 27 November 2005

Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum 


City-wide contemporary art event

Venues include: Arundel Works, Bloc Space, The End Gallery, Millennium Galleries, S1 Artspace, Site Gallery, Sylvester Works & Yorkshire Artspace

Co-ordinated by Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum: contact@artsheffield.org
44 (0)114 281 2013

ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T is a city-wide contemporary art event taking place within Sheffields major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites from 28 October to 27 November 2005. The programme includes a mix of emerging and established artists and comprises existing works and new commissions, responding to a fictional Spectator T.

ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T is co-ordinated by Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum who developed a challenging programming structure and commissioned artist-curator Gavin Wade to propose a context for the event:

In the early 80s the conceptual art group Art & Language wrote of a Spectator A and B. Spectator A goes straight to an artwork, waits till s/he gets the proper feelings and comprehension and then he just might look at the title of the artwork, seek information and confirmation of his experience and understanding. Spectator B goes immediately to the catalogue and press release, seeking to discover how to read the artwork. Artist and writer Dave Beech has put forward a Spectator C who isnt interested in Art at all and ignores it. Beech suggests that there may be a whole alphabet of spectators out there. The alphabet could range from philistines to serial killers. Tony T. falls somewhere in between. He doesnt ignore Art he hates it. He feels like it attempts to interfere with his life. The artworks presented in Spectator T: ART SHEFFIELD 05 will take a stance on whether they are designed with Spectator T in mind. Do the artworks oppose Spectator T., are they for him or do they come from a similar position as the Spectator? Gavin Wade.

Artists include: Simon & Tom Bloor * (UK), Robin Close (UK), Gordon Dalton* (UK), Graham Fagen (UK), Ben Fitton (UK), Josephine Flynn (UK), Ryan Gander * (UK), Gelatin (Austria), Gifts to the City of Sheffield * [Anthony Gross, Kirsten Lyle, Lisa Mahony, Luke Oxley, Mark Pearson, Jen Wu, (UK)], Dan Griffiths, Matthew Harrison (UK), Christian Jankowski (Germany/USA), Juneau Projects * (UK), Camilla Lyon (UK), Matt & Ross (UK), Jim Medway (UK), Jo Mitchell * (UK), Heather & Ivan Morison* (UK), Damon Packard (USA), Antoine Prum (Luxembourg/Germany), Joanna Rajkowska * (Poland), Savage * (UK), Becky Shaw * (UK), Joanne Tatham & Tom OSullivan * (UK) Laureana Toledo * (Mexico), Bedwyr Williams * (UK) [*producing a new commission]

Read Gavin Wades text and full details of the programme at www.artsheffield.org > Spectator T

Opening Event: Thursday 27th October
For details email contact@artsheffield.org or phone 44 (0)114 281 2013
Spectator T Symposium
Friday 28th October 1.30 5.00pm

JJ Charlesworth
Steve Dutton
Sally OReilly
Becky Shaw
Joanne Tatham & Tom OSullivan
Laureana Toledo
Gavin Wade

The symposium will reflect on the context, experimental selection process and the work on display during Spectator T. To book tickets, contact the Showroom Cinema on 44 (0)114 275 7727

ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T is co-ordinated by Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum (SCAF). SCAF is a not-for profit company working to further the presence and awareness of contemporary art in Sheffield, UK through joint programming, creating opportunities for artists, audience development and profile raising activities. The directors of the company are representatives of Bloc Studios, Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust, Sheffield Hallam University, Site Gallery, S1 Artspace & Yorkshire Artspace.

PO Box 3754, Sheffield, S1 9AH, UK www.artsheffield.org
44 (0)114 281 2013

Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum
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