October 3, 2005 - Artforum - October 2005 in Artforum
October 3, 2005

October 2005 in Artforum

October 2005 in Artforum

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We could say that Krebber is less a painter than a strategist, and that his strategy is to repeat and to stop painting in order to go to work on the wider system that makes painting what it is today, what it was yesterday, and what it might be or stop being tomorrow. We need a strategy if we want art to become possible again, now more than ever. –John Kelsey, from Stop Painting Painting

Artists, of course, have a way of pressuring the protocols that constrain–and sustain–their vocation, and so, at a moment when the art fair has achieved an unprecedented centrality in the marketing of contemporary art, it is not so surprising to find the talent nipping at the hand that feeds it.–Jack Bankowsky, from Tent Community

Plus: 1000 Words: Mike Kelley. In the run-up to Day is Done, Kelleys solo show in New York next month, John C. Welchman talks to the artist about his extraordinary series Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction. Begun in 2000, this gargantuan chicken dance around the art world will eventually encompass 365 video pieces, each accompanied by its own sculptural component.

I want to create a contemporary gesamtkunstwerk that is not utopian in nature but is an extension of our current victim culture.–Mike Kelley

Also: In Portrait of an Image: A Portfolio by Roni Horn, Lauren Sedofsky introduces Horns newest series of photographs, which depict actress Isabelle Huppert conjuring an assortment of characters that she has portrayed on screen. A special foldout reveals a subtly varying sequence of images that suggest an act of self-impersonation by the incomparable French film star.

All that, plus Bruce Hainleys exploration of the art of B. Wurtz, and, in an expanded Openings section, Daniel Birnbaums introduction to Michael S. Riedel and Elizabeth Schambelans take on Matthew Monahan. Elsewhere, James Quandt discusses the films of Hou Hsioao-hsien, Robert Storr remembers Al Held, Andrew Solomon reflects on a new documentary of the Ballets Russes, and Aaron Betsky tours Herzog & de Meurons new de Young Museum, opening this month.

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