September 20, 2005 - Valencia Biennial - Water (without you I’m not), sept. 24th – nov. 30th 2005
September 20, 2005

Water (without you I’m not), sept. 24th – nov. 30th 2005

3rd Biennial of Valencia: Water (without you I'm not)
24 September – 30 November 2005

A Luigi Settembrini’s project

Centro Del Carmen – Museo De Bellas Artes De Valencia
C\ Museo 2. 46003, Valencia.

prensa [​at​]
Telf. 34 96 353 08 99
Fax. 34 96 352 03 82

Opening: 24 September 8 pm.

Julie Atlas Muz, La Sirena, 2005. Photo by Andrew Brusso.

The III Biennial of Valencia is being inaugurated by:
El Molt Honorable President de la Generalitat Francisco Camps Ortíz

Through the work of leading artists and the reflections of intellectuals, academics and students, the Valencia Biennial in 2005 will underline the huge importance of information and the importance of individual consciousness and our awareness of one of the most complex problems our planet is facing.

The Biennial hopes to heighten awareness of water as the source of all life. It will do so through the impact of art and all the other contemporary creative languages, and hopefully it will help us reach conclusions on this transcendental question.

The central exhibition
Thoughts of a fish in the deep sea

Curators: Franck Gautherot and Seung-Duk Kim

Exhibition site: Convento del Carmen, C/ Museo 2 (Valencia)

As a viewer, it is maybe necessary to adopt the point of view of a fish instead.
From the water up to the sky, there is a way to organize the dialectics of the water and the earth, of the liquid and solid, of the sea and the islands, of the fluidity and the consistency, sedimentation and erosion, construction and destruction

The show is dealing with submarine and surface, with units of territory seen as islands.
Different levels of understanding and viewing.
Instead of statements on the water, the show developes in some virtual units:
Foggy Tropical
Arto Lindsay (1953, USA), Yayoi Kusama (1929, Japan), Moon Shin (1923-1995, South Korea), Andreu Alfaro (1929, Spain), Dennis Santachiara (1950, Italy), Lynda Benglis (1941, USA)
Cloistered Island
Gimhongsok (1964 South Korea), Marc Camille CHaimowicz (1946, UK/France), Olivier Mosset (1944, Switzerland), Hwang Jungmyung (1975, South Korea), John Armleder (1948, Switzerland), Alessandra Tesi (1969, Italy)
Dream Factory Island
Nicolas Schöffer (1912-1996, France)
Jesús Rafael Soto (1923-2005, France), Juan Bernardo Pineda (1963, Spain), Miltos Manetas (1964, Greece), Rafael Rozendaal (1980, The Netherlands), Angelo Plessas (1974, Greece), Julie Atlas Muz (1973, USA), Angela Bulloch (1966, UK), François Morellet (1926, France), Alain Séchas (1955, France), Otto Muehl (1925, Austria), Hiraki Sawa (1977, Japan), Xavier Veilhan (1963, France)
Rivers of Babylone
Kohei Nawa (1975, Japan), On Kawara (Japan), Lawrence Weiner (1942, USA)
Sargasso Sea
José Ramón Amondarain (1964, Spain), Toño Barrreiro (1965, Spain), Sergio Belinchón (1971, Spain), Sylvie Fleury (1961, Switzerland), Carlo Gavazzeni (1965, Italy), Anthony Goicolea (1971 USA), Duane Hanson (1925-1996, USA), Richard Kern (1954, USA), Gyula Kosice (1924, Argentina), Robert Longo (1953, USA), Mireya Masó (1963, Spain), Gustav Metzger (1926), Terry Rodgers (1947, USA), Serse (1952, Italy), Jane Simpson (1965, UK), Massimo Vitali (1944, Italy)

Communication Project
Looking Out to Sea

Artist: Marusela Granell Campderá

Exhibition site: Airport, train station and metro

A camera on the beach will relay live images of the sea, just sea and sky, together with sounds of the sea, to screens located in various points around the city, in strategic everyday hubs: metro, airport, train station. The sea in Valencia (relayed to all points of the world via internet) is the best ambassador for a Biennial dedicated to Water.

Dance and Fashion
Opening Event of the 3rd Valencia Biennal

September 24th 8.00 pm
Collaboration between the Centre Coreogràfic de Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana and Asociación de Prêt-à-porter

Direction and choreography: Leonardo Santos
Artistic Director: Francis Montesinos
Music composition: Pantxo Barrera

On the afternoon of 24th September, to celebrate the opening of the 3rd Valencia Biennial, the Choreographic Centre of the Valencian Community will present, at the Convento del Carmen, a performance with 15 dancers in costumes inspired by water, designed by 15 designers from Valencia:
Alex Vidal, AnaMaría, Carlos Haro, C.L.C – La cantante calva, Dolores Cortés, Francis Montesinos, Hannibal Laguna, Jaime Piquer, Julio Díaz, Martín Pérez Ripoll, Matilda, Nona- Noelia Navarro, Por Fín! – A. Sáez de la Torre, Siglo Cero, Tonuca.

Paralel Events

This 3rd Biennial will also host several parallel events organized and presented by the Centre Coreogràfic de Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana, the Valencian Institute of Music, the Valenciano Film Institute, the 3rd Valldigna Music Festival, Folklore groups and concerts by local Music Bands.

Valencia Biennial
Share - Water (without you I’m not), sept. 24th – nov. 30th 2005
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