September 17, 2005 - Experimenta - Bienal de Lisboa, September 15 – October 30
September 17, 2005

Bienal de Lisboa, September 15 – October 30

ExperimentaDesign 2005: Bienal de Lisboa
15 September – 30 October 2005

Lisbon, Portugal

Detailed programme and updates at

ExperimentaDesign Bienal de Lisboa is an international event dedicated to design culture and creativity. Conceived and produced by Experimenta Association, it constitutes one of Portugals leading cultural events. The driving force of the Biennale is design. Not only the multiple aspects of design as creative activity and cultural production, but design as a discipline and a work methodology. The Lisbon Biennale presents original projects in different formats, from conferences and projections to exhibitions, urban interventions and debates, in several venues in the city of Lisbon. EXD-Bienal de Lisboa is based on a network of partnerships and collaborations with like-minded institutions, agents, creative artists and academics who share its belief in the benefits of cooperation. Throughout its three editions (1999, 2001 and 2003) ExperimentaDesign Bienal de Lisboa has been establishing in the Portuguese capital a dynamic international platform committed to raising discussion and reflection as well as promoting the importance of design and contemporary cultural production. It combines culture and economy, industry and communication, investigation and development, regarding culture as a major catalyst for productive interaction and development at all levels, national as well as global.
EXD05 THEME: The Medium is the Matter
The Medium is the Matter focuses on the media and the transmission materials perceptible in the gap to be found between creator and receiver.

The Medium is the Matter targets communication media and communicative objects – a realm where sometimes matter seems less important than the messages it conveys, and in which the interactions between those who create and those who receive become the actual product. (Max Bruinsma, guest curator)
EXD05 Programme
Conferences and Debates
Lisbon Conferences
A reference in ExperimentaDesigns programme, the Lisbon Conferences will once again gather prominent figures of the international design scene as well as areas linked to the Biennale during the Opening Week afternoons.
Guest Speakers Rudy Vanderlans (NL) Stefan Sagmeister (AT) Renny Ramakers (NL) Massimiliano Fuksas (IT) Eduardo Souto Moura (PT) Philippe Starck (FR)
Open Talks
In a structured debate lasting two hours, national and international experts and media professionals will be joined by the audience in discuss current matters arising from the theme of the Biennale as well as its disciplinary fields and underlying issues.
Session I: Communication design
Talk Host: Max Bruinsma (NL)
Participants: Erik Adigard (NL) Garth Walker (ZA) Kurnal Rawat (IN) Étienne Hervy, Étapes (FR) Petra Schmidt, form (DE) Stefan Sagmeister (AT) António Silveira Gomes (PT) Mário Moura (PT) Henrique Cayatte (PT) Monika Parrinder (UK) Luca Ballarini (IT) Claes Britton (SE) Rudy Vanderlans (US) Willem van Weelden (NL)
Session II: City and Architecture
Talk Host: John Thackara (UK)
Participants: Stefano Casciani (Domus,IT) Kieran Long. Icon (UK) Lucy Bullivant (UK) Ricardo Carvalho (PT) Pedro Gadanho (PT) Ayssar Arida (UK) Helena Roseta (PT) Jacopo Crivelli Visconti (BR)
Session III: Industry vs. New Crafts
Talk Host: Emily Campbell (UK)
Participants: Marc Newson (AU), Jaime Hayon (ES), Lars Engman (SE), Chantal Hamaide, Intramuros, FR), Robert Thiemann, Frame (NL), Andreas Nobel (SE), Ed Annink (NL), Brigitte Fitoussi (FR), Ewa Kumlin (SE), Filipe Alarcão (PT), Fernando Brizio (PT), Wok Media (UK)


The Cultural Force of Communication Design
An international exhibition that deals with the relevance and impact of communication design in contemporary culture. Catalysts! underlines the diversity of this symbolic culture and the power of designers as agents of intervention in the visual languages that have become engraved into our collective perception and the communication flows running through it. Curated by Max Bruisnma, this exhibition is made up of 6 separate modules designed by Ed Annink (NL), Erik Adigard, M-A-D (US), Fernando Brízio (PT) Jan van Toorn (NL), Pierre di Sciullo (FR) and Rob Schröder (NL).
Autonomy and Identity in Contemporary Design
An essay that explores two key aspects: on the one hand, the growing use of methodologies imported from crafts in contemporary design production. On the other hand, the raising number of designers engaged in rendering a dimension of individuality and identity to objects, as a means to distinguish and emancipate them in the face of the anonymity and patterning of industrial and digital production. Focusing on 21st century production, this exhibition is a joint project between the British Council and EXD05, which brings together works from the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and Portugal, many of which were made expressly for it.
Brand new Spanish and Portuguese design
Under the joint coordination of 4 senior designers _ Martín Ruiz de Azúa, Fernando Brízio, Álvaro Sobrino and António Silveira Gomes _ students of 12 Spanish and Portuguese graduate schools present projects in communication and product design. These projects were developed during an intensive workshop in April 2005, which revolved around The Medium is the Matter. S*COOL IBÉRICA gives us a sneak preview into the coming Portuguese and Spanish design.
Portuguese Design 1990-2005
Featuring works by around 80 renowned designers, this exhibition illustrates the new governing forces that underpin Portuguese contemporary production in both industrial and communication design. [P] puts forward a synthetic analysis of recent Portuguese design, bringing together works by Daciano Costa, Siza Vieira, Filipe Alarcão, Miguel Vieira Baptista, Pedro Silva Dias, Souto de Moura, R2, Pedro Rufino, Silva!designers, RMAC and João Machado, among others.
Global Models for Local Homes
Twelve Portuguese architecture studios were challenged to design houses that answer the needs and concerns of contemporary life in the country, reflecting its new social, economic and cultural contexts.
It is the Biennale´s main interface with the public, located this year in Miradouro de Santa Catarina, in the heart of the city. Occupying the entire Palácio de Santa Catarina, this Biennale hot spot boasts a bar, press and info centre, bookstore, music and screenings. The Lounging Space will also host several Tangential projects, from exhibitions to site specific interventions, throughout the 45 days of the Biennale.
Gravitating in the sphere of the Biennales theme and areas of action and reflection, a number of events will take place all over the city. Independent creative artists and cultural agents share ExperimentaDesigns vision of turning Lisbon into an internationally-acknowledged hotbed of new creative values and cutting-edge artistic practices. The Lisbon Biennale recognizes their relevance and welcomes their input, which attests for the vitality of cultural production in Portugal.

Detailed programme and updates at

Rua Cidade de Lobito, Atelier Municipal 3, Quinta do Contador Mor
1800-088 Lisboa

t. 351 218 550 950
f. 351 218 550 951

STRATEGIC PARTNERS Câmara Municipal de Lisboa Ministério da Cultura EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR FOR [P] Vodafone SPECIFIC ASSOCIATED BRANDS IKEA Sacyr Vallehermoso BIENAL DE LISBOA ASSOCIATED BRANDS Bombay Sapphire CTT JC Decaux Memorandum Super Bock
CO-PRODUCERS British Council (UK) Creative Macau – Centre for Creative Industries (CN) Culturgest (PT) DDI (ES) Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém/Museu do Design (PT) Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación de España (ES) Svenska Institutet (SE) Svensk Form (SE)
SUPPORT Associação de Turismo de Lisboa (PT) Bairro Alto Hotel (PT) Embaixada de Espanha (ES) Embaixada de França (FR) Embaixada da Suécia (SE) Empreendimento Corte Real (PT) FLOS (IT) Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT) IADE (PT) Instituto Português da Juventude (PT) Mondriaan Stichting (NL) Museu da Cidade (PT) Regione Piemonte (IT) REFER (PT) SIVA/Volkswagen (PT) Vila Galé Ópera (PT)
COLABORAÇÃO COOPERATION Centro Português de Design (PT) Eina, Barcelona (ES) Elisava, Barcelona (ES) Escola Massana, Barcelona (ES) Escola Superior de Arte e Design de Matosinhos (PT) Escola Superior de Arte e Design das Caldas da Rainha (PT) Escuela de Arte de Oviedo (ES) Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (PT) Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade de Lisboa (PT) Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade do Porto (PT) Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona (ES) Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona (ES) Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid (ES) Ordem dos Arquitectos (PT) Universidade de Aveiro (PT)
VOLUNTEERS FOR EXD05 Instituto Português da Juventude (PT)
The EXD05 exhibitions are built by Certame (PT)
MEDIA PARTNERS Label (IT) Público (PT)

With the High Patronage of the President of the Republic – Statute of Superior Cultural Interest within the Patronage of the Arts Law

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