September 6, 2005 - MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon - 5 exhibitions
September 6, 2005

5 exhibitions

5 new exhibitions

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla Y León
Avda. de los Reyes Leoneses, 24
24008 León – Spain
T. 34 987 09 11 03
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Image: Shirin Neshat, ‘The Last Word’, 2003 , video. Exhibitions on Shirin Neshat, Dora García, Abigail Lázkoz , the collective show of portraits Sujeto and an intervention from designers Locking Shocking.

Starting September 10th 2005, MUSAC will inaugurate five new exhibitions, among them, a monographic show of the Iranian artist, Shirin Neshat and a collective exhibition of portraits on neutral background entitled Sujeto. Vibraciones is a site-specific project by Dora García concerning sound, with new pieces and new versions of previous works by this artist. The project room, Laboratorio 987, will present a mural painting project, Esconde la mano, by Abigail Lazkoz, while fashion designers Locking Shocking, will make an intervention in the display cases of the MUSAC entrance hall. MUSAC is an initiative of the Junta de Castilla y León, through the Fundación Siglo. The MUSAC is placed in León, Spain (

Dora García: Vibraciones
September 10 – December 4, 2005

MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, presents , an exhibition by the artist from Castilla y León, Dora García who is based for several years now in Belgium. Curated by Agustín Pérez Rubio, (Chief Curator, MUSAC), this show gathers the different works done in the last ten years wherein Dora García investigates on the different strategies used in artistic creation to study the influence of sound within the environment in which it is created, as well as the public receptor. The title of the show alludes to a double reference to the vibration of air that is generated by sound, as well as the title of the musical magazine , that was distributed in Spain during the 70s and 80s. The exhibition includes new versions of previous works and various pieces done specially for the occasion, as well as works of this artist from the MUSAC Collection.

Shirin Neshat. The Last Word
September 10 – December 4, 2005

MUSAC undertakes in a self-produced show, a retrospective gaze on the work of one of the more contemporary Iranian artists, Shirin Neshat (Irán, 1957).

Absent from her natal country since she was 17 years old, we find ourselves before an artist whose education and artistic production has been basically developed in the United States, which makes the study of her diasporas and trans-cultural experiences necessary for the understanding of her work. A production in the crossroads between two cultures and which debates on identity and representation, in the words of Octavio Zaya, curator of this project. This show will travel to the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno-CAAM (Canary Islands) on May-June 2006. Shirin Neshat. The Last Word provides a review of the extraordinary career of this artist from the work undertaken during the last ten years. Some twenty photographs among her most representatives and six video installations among the eleven she produced, will trace the development of her career and will offer a unique opportunity to analyze her interests and concerns.

September 10 – December 4, 2005
SUJETO is a collective show that gives another twist to the theme of contemporary portraiture, placing the representation of man in his absolute neutrality not only composition-wise, but on that which refers to behavior itself.

An original idea by Rafael Doctor and Marta Gerveno as Co-curator, that gathers works from the MUSAC Collection as well as others from institutional and private collections.
Sujeto arises from the vocation of becoming a compilation of portraits on neutral background. Distributed in Exhibition Halls 1 and 3 of MUSAC, a selection of 40 portraits with a common denominator is shown: the presentation of individualities in the context of their nude existence, their being there, constituting a document on the other in various ways, the proof of existence and with it, a mirror of the existential uncertainties of the observer. Without doubt it proposes a journey to the interior of our I through our reflection on the other. Artists in the exhibition: Richard Avedon, Stephen Balkenhol, Rineke Dijkstra, Roland Fischer, Till Freiwald, Pere Formiguera, Carmela García, Pierre Gonnord, Félix González-Torres, Stefan Hablützel, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Robert Mapplethrope, Jesús Micó, Pedro Mora, Berhard Prinz, Humberto Rivas, Daniel Rozin, Thomas Ruff, Karin Sander, Do-Ho Suh, Fiona Tan and Urraco.

Laboratorio 987: Abigail Lazkoz: Hide the Hand
September 10 October 16, 2005

Abigail Lazkoz (Bilbao, 1972) has created a site-specific project for the Laboratorio 987 of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León entitled, Esconde la mano (Hide The Hand) .

The title has multiple connotations in itself related to the exact meaning of the Spanish saying that talks about “throwing the stone and hiding the hand” and as a metaphor that refers to the idea that, as the artist explains: “the normality of the individual is not only necessary but obligatory: one has to learn to shut up, learn to smile, learn to manifest one’s self, learn to give birth, learn to be different (…) It is advised to live without making much noise neither to be bad (if you throw the stone, hide your hand) nor to be good (even if you don’t throw the stone, hide your hand), etc.” . In this way, Abi Lazkoz offers scenes where huge figures created with black lines on a white background appear, using a language similar to comics. To reflect basically on (her) the surrounding reality.

The work of Abigail Lazkoz reflects on political or social reality and gender roles through a drawing structure close to the world of graphic vignette, establishing questions on the spectator themselves that have to be revealed upon going beyond what drawing, apparently simple, offers at first glance. As such, the titles of the majority of her worksusually phrasesclarify part of the meaning. The Laboratorio 987 is curated in 2005 by Tania Pardo

Vitrinas Showcase:
September 10 December 4, 2005

The team of fashion designers Locking Shocking will create a site-specific project under the title Regret for the showcases of the entrance hall of MUSAC, as part of the program Showcase Project.
It deals with an intervention under the title, Regret that will convert the two adjoining showcases of the museum lobby into a scenography about the relationship of Locking Shocking, formed by Ana González and Oscar Benito.
Regret intends to be a metaphor, a representation of the personal and professional relationship that unites Locking with Shocking, Ana with Oscar and vice versa. In the two adjoining showcases of the entrance lobby of the museum, their alter egos could be seen in a scenographic and theatrical representation of their relationship. The title, Regret, leads us to these dynamics of friendship and confrontation that in an inevitable way, often happens in personal relations. All of them seen from the past, from the regret and guilt of having hurt the other. The construction of identity, in this case, with themselves, and autobiographical references, are some of the keys in the work of Locking Shocking in the world of fashion-through their collections-as well as in their artistic creation.

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