August 25, 2005 - frieze - issue 93 out now
August 25, 2005

issue 93 out now

frieze issue 93 out now


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The Venice Biennale is the art worlds UN faintly out of date yet still containing the naïve possibility of hope for the future

You can slam Biennales for falling prey to logistical or political pressures, but youd been missing the most interesting point, namely that this extra large format is bound to disappoint.

Chrissie Iles, Tirdad Zolghadr and Ralph Rugoff discuss their highlights of this years Venice Biennale in the September issue of frieze.

With a major retrospective opening at Museum Ludwig this October, Joerg Heiser examines the slippery connections between sexual identity and the image in the work of Rosemarie Trockel. Alex Farquharson visits the multi-venued exhibition Populism, Tom Morton considers the struggle between colonizing and abandoning space central to Christoph Büchels work and Jan Verwoert explores the immaterial art of Trisha Donnelly.

This months city report comes from Singapore, which has recently established a National Art Council and will be hosting its first biennial in 2006. Also featured: Varda Caivano by Jennifer Higgie, Wade Guyton by Kirsty Bell, Jon Mikel Euba by Lars Bang Larsen and Nicole Wermers by Dominic Eichler.

In the front section Robert Storr ponders the role of the curator, George Pendle asks what is the purpose of political portraiture today and Brian Dillon revisits an obscure 19th century novel that was a precursor to some for the 20th Century’s most radical writers. Emily king looks at recent experimentation in art gallery publicity material and Keith Stuart celebrates the increasingly incestuous relationship between cinema and video games, plus our usual round up of books and events.

The back section includes reviews of John Baldessari, Folk Archive, Barry McGee, The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds, Enrico David, Mike Bouchet, Be What You Want But Stay Where You Are, Rachel Harrison, Dionysiac: Art in Flux, Georg Herold, Jeff Wall, Daniel Sinsel, Cildo Meireles, Lucia Nogueria, Will Rogan, Icestorm, Steven Claydon, Tim Hawkinson, Clegg & Guttmann, Jordan Baseman and From the Archives: Noise Fest (1981) and Speed Trials (1983).

Frieze Art Fair 2005 will be held in Regent’s Park, London between 21-24 October 2005.

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