August 10, 2005 - ADAM - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art / Projects throughout the city of Amsterdam
August 10, 2005

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art / Projects throughout the city of Amsterdam

ADAM: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art / Projects throughout the city of Amsterdam
4 September - 16 October 2005

Organized and Produced by SMART Project Space
Arie Biemondstraat 105-113
NL-1054 PD Amsterdam

Opening: Saturday Sept 3, 14:00hrs

Curated by: Thomas Peutz & Una Henry

Image: Caecilia Tripp, Mi Curacao (2005), video still.

Adam means red earth.
It was the name given to the first man, whose creation, fall and subsequent history is detailed in Judeo Christian mythology.
It is the term used in Hebrew for humanity in general.
Adam is a designer drug which has the effect of amphetamines (flooding the brain with serotonin).
Adam is an abbreviated form of Amsterdam.

Commissioned artists Nevin Aladag | Dave Allen | Christian Andersson | Mark Bain | James Beckett | Johanna Billing | Ross Birrell | Rossella Biscotti | Phil Collins | Marco Cops | Yael Davids | Funky Projects | Ni Haifeng | Kendell Geers | David Haines | Lise Harlev | San Keller | Daniel Knorr | A.P. Komen/Karen Murphy | Job Koelewijn | Dirk van Lieshout | Jill Magid | Adrian Paci | Susan Philipsz | Lindsay Seers | Wael Shawky | Caecilia Tripp| Costa Vece | Elin Wikstrom | Siebren Versteeg | Lucy Wood
ADAM is an international exhibition of contemporary art and is committed to the development and realization of 30 new projects that engage with the situational context of everyday life. All the artists have been commissioned to appropriate and re-interpret the socio-political conditions of Amsterdam, questioning cultural and social identity at a given place and at a particular moment in time. Taking the lively and dynamic infrastructure of the city as a starting point, attention is drawn to the specificity of the local context and the expression of a multi-faceted city, filled with a wealth of cultures, languages and social confrontations. ADAM is an examination of cultural space, addressing issues of location and habitation, questioning ideas about where we live and how we live, taking perspectives which are emotional, cultural and symbolic. ADAM reflects the moment and takes as its point of departure the dynamics of art-as-activity, whereby modes of action lead to new ways of understanding aspects of contemporary artistic production in both the public and private space. ADAM harbors the idea of trans-nationality on a local level, taking into account the very specific history of Amsterdam as a city. Ignacy Sachs observed that cities are like people, they belong to the urban species but they have their unique personality. It is this uniqueness which is conceived; mirroring shared cultural, psychological and spatial structures and reflecting the wider social and political conditions both locally and globally.

For further information visit which provides up-to-date information and documentation on all ADAM events and projects.
Info Point
An info point at SMART Project Space provides all necessary background information on all projects realized throughout the city.
Info guide
A free info guide can be picked up from the info point. The info guide is an important source of information to the public for the duration of ADAM. The guide gives general information about the exhibition including locations, opening hours and a map of the city.
ADAM Catalogue
A catalogue will be published during ADAM documenting all events and works sited throughout the city.
Texts by Thomas Peutz, Una Henry, Sini_a Mitrovi_.
ADAM has been generously supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Mondriaan Stichting, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds BKVB, VSBfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Dioraphte, Stichting Cultuurfonds van de Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten, Projectgroep Broedplaatsen, Netwerk Broedplaatsen Amsterdam, Amsterdam Partners, City Marketing Amsterdam, IASPIS, Cultuurfonds Stadsdeel Oud West, Institut Français des Pays-Bas / Antenne de La Haye, Danish Arts Agency, British Council, Lifegem, Ingenieurs Bureau Amsterdam, Glassworks Sklárny Kavalier, Zazare Diamonds, Anything is Possible, Amsterdam Times, Kodak, Holland Equipment. ADAM is part of the campaign I Amsterdam.
About SMART Project Space
SMART Project Space was founded in 1994 and since its inception has developed into a site for cultural production. SMART Project Space supports artists and stimulates new relationships between the artist and the public, at the same providing a context which defines the parameters of cultural production. Housed in a former Pathological Anatomical Laboratory, SMART Project Space provides the framework for artistic production and creative research, drawing together a wide range of approaches that respond to artists initiatives.

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