July 4, 2005 - The Showroom - Sound Exchange Project
July 4, 2005

Sound Exchange Project

The Showroom Parkers Box, Brooklyn Sound Exchange Project [Woof : Patrick Martinez]
13 July - 14 August 2005

Wed Sun 13.00 18.00hrs
Opening 12 July 19.00-21.00hrs

The Showroom
44 Bonner Road
London E2 9JS
T. 44 (0)20 8983 4115
F. 44 (0)20 8981 4112
E. tellmemore [​at​] theshowroom.org


The Showroom is delighted to present the first stage of its Sound Exchange Project with Parkers Box, Brooklyn; the sound installation Woof by Patrick Martinez.

Patrick Martinez works with sound, video and installation. While aspects of Martinezs practice sit easily within a conventional gallery context, many of his other activities as an artist explore a wide range of practices and models of representation, including industrial design and experimental music performances. All of these forms are different explorations of the ways in which Martinezs work relates to the spectator and his or her perceptions. As if reflecting Martinezs own self-imposed cultural displacement, increasingly his work has become more mobile and physically light: for The Showroom Patrick Martinez will create a new site specific installation using sound waves and smoke.

The second stage of the project a new sound work commissioned by The Showroom will be presented at Parkers Box, Brooklyn during Summer 2006. Parkers Box is a young commercial gallery, that represents practitioners well known to UK audiences such as, Simon Faithfull and Caroline McCarthy, as well as other US and European artists. There are strong parallels between the location of Parkers Box in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the East End of London with its potent mix of commercial, publicly funded and independent spaces.

The Sound Exchange Project forms part of The Showrooms programme of activities designed to pre-empt building works that will take place at The Showroom during the summer of 2006. This programme seeks to challenge the physical confines of the gallery space, considering it as a flexible and moveable entity through the presentation of the Sound Exchange Project, an off-site theatre project by Cologne based artist, Matti Braun, and other activities.
Woof will be Patrick Martinezs first solo show in London. Previously, Patrick Martinez has exhibited at FACT, Liverpool and is represented by Parkers Box, Brooklyn.

For further information please contact Kirsty Ogg or Bridget Crone at the gallery on 020 8983 4115.

The Showroom is financially assisted by Arts Council England.

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