June 20, 2005 - BAM, Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art - VISUAL ARTS INITIATIVE
June 20, 2005


Initiatief Beeldende Kunsten, Flanders (Belgium)
Bijlokekaai 7d, 9000 Ghent
T 32 (0)9 267 90 40
F 32 (0)9 233 07 09
info [​at​] ibknet.be


Initiatief Beeldende Kunsten (IBK) is an independent non-governmental organization operating as a support centre for anyone professionally involved with visual arts in Flanders. IBK promotes Flemish contemporary visual arts in Belgium and abroad and provides information about the visual arts in Flanders.

IBK was founded in December 2001 and became operational in 2002 as the first organized effort to support visual artists and other actors in the visual arts area. It main objective – to stimulate and coordinate the visual arts in Flanders and to improve Flemish participation in a truly international network -has had a fruitful effect on the overall quality of activities within this cultural field. One of IBK’s goals is to support the promotion of Flemish visual arts abroad. Although our organization mainly operates on a Flemish level, it opens doors towards a global context. For this purpose, we organize international visitors’ programs offering curators and critics from all over the world opportunities to get acquainted with the contemporary Flemish visual arts scene.

Furthermore, an international newsletter allows IBK to update the international scene on any development in the field of Flemish visual arts.

Initiatief Beeldende Kunsten (IBK) is the prime source of information for Flemish artists as well as for foreign curators, critics, journalists, galleries or anyone interested in contemporary art from Flanders (Belgium).

IBK promotes Flemish art by connecting the local visual art community with the international art network. IBK-Newsletter is a bimonthly online magazine covering Flemish art related topics. www.ibknet.be/international_newsletter
To subscribe to IBK’s newsletter please send an e-mail to info@ibknet.be

IBK visitors’ program is our way of expanding an international network of contacts and exchange of information. In cooperation with other institutions, this program invites international curators and critics to Flanders to introduce them to the local art scene.

A CD-ROM introducing visual artists from Flanders
The purpose of this CD-ROM is to introduce the work of a number of Flemish artists. Some of them are well established and have already acquired an international platform, whilst others are young or up-and coming talents with great potential. The aim is to present an wide range of artists, media and oeuvres. For each artist there are written articles, pictures and brief biographical outlines, as well as links leading you to additional information. In order to provide an outline of the Flemish art scene, the major museums, art centres and other institutions in Flanders are also covered.

You can order this CD-ROM for free, simply by sending an e-mail to info@ibknet.be
You are free to pick up the CD-ROM at the Belgian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Belgium will be represented by Honoré dO.
Read more about his work: www.muhka.be/thequest

BAM, Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art
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