June 16, 2005 - Centre culturel suisse, Paris - Signes quotidiens
June 16, 2005

Signes quotidiens

© Centre culturel suisse

Signes quotidiens
Designs, fashion, tattoo, etc.
June 19 - October 09, 2005

Opening: June 18 at 18h
Tattoo performance by Wido de Marval: June 18, 18h30-20h30
Press conference: June 17 at 17h

Centre culturel suisse de Paris
38, rue des Francs Bourgeois
75003 Paris
Press officer: Elsa Guigo
T 33 1 42 71 95 67
eguigo [​at​] ccsparis.com

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This event takes a look at daily life our subject of predilection this year by presenting objects, images and signs that we use or encounter in public or private; those simple and unobtrusive things that are not particularly exceptional or out of the ordinary and make up our consumer and entertainment society as well as communication and advertising. In each of these fields there is always an exception, a high tech product which is normal in our capitalist society.
The event would like to be a non-exhaustive representation of the art of living and communicating, which is just one element to the different facets of art in general continually questioning us into becoming conscious of our daily life as a whole.
Michel Ritter

Running alongside the exhibition, round table debates, concerts, performances and video and film screenings are on the weekly programme of the Rendez-vous du Jeudi soir.

The exhibition presents part of the design collection from the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, made up of historical and modern objects linked to daily life and a selection of packaging from pharmaceutical companies like Ciba-Geigy, Zyma, Hoffmann-La Roche or the agri-food industry used at Co-op, Usego Migros etc. It will also look back over the history of the object as defined by Max Bill and his idea of Gute Form (the right form) to more recent productions from young designers from Swiss art schools: Christian Kägi (HGKZ / Zurich), Emmanuelle Jaques (ECAL / Lausanne), Martino dEsposito (ECAL), Fabio Biancaniello (ECAL), Nicolas Le Moigne (ECAL) and Nicole Aebischer with the Oï Workshop (ECAL), or Stockwerk3, and confirmed artists like: Ubald Klug and Antoine Cahen (Les Ateliers du Nord). A number of companies reputed for their tradition and quality are represented with products that have become household names all over the world: Stämpfli racing boats, Brüco Swisss shark rubbish bins designed by Werner Zemp, Jakob Schlaepfers textiles, the electric Flyer bikes from Biketeg, Vinylium vinyl engravings, shoes by Kandahar and Navy Boat, Ventura watches, Freitag bags, Fun Cares inflatable sledge, the Logitech mouse or Zyliss kitchen utensils etc.
A selection of graphic designers from the Swiss scene will be at the exhibition.
Whyart (Aude Lehmann & Tan Wälchli -Zürich), NORM (Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs – Zürich), Optimo (Gilles Gavillet & David Rüst – Lausanne/Geneva), Alex Trüb (Zürich), Elektrosmog (Valentin Hindermann & Marco Walser – Zürich), Stephan Müller, (Berlin), re-p.org (Michael Aschauer, Maia Gusberti, Nik Thoenen – Vienna), Martin Woodtli (Zürich) & François Chalet (Zürich)
Francis Baudevin (wall painting), Eric Lanz (video), Daniel Pflumm (videos and paintings), Elodie Pong (video) and Christopher Williams (video)
Members of the Leu family in Lausanne are considered among the best tattoo specialists.

Paintings of traditional tattooists by Titine Leu, drawings of Philip Leus tattoos and a family portrait taken by Italian photographer Fabio Paleari can be seen at the exhibition. Tattoo performance by Wido de Marval / 18.06.05 / 18h30-20h30
FASHION / project room
The work of a selection of Swiss fashion designers will be shown in three sequences: Sequence I (18.06 17.07)
An invitation to the FHBB, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst HGK Basel, Fashion Design department with:
Danielle Dreier Renate Aebi for Telling New Stories (TNS), Melanie Fischer for BOYCOTLETTES, Karin Frei, Corina Gonzalez, Anita Moser, Cornelia Peter, Sophie Scheibler, Anja Wälti, Renate Zimmerli. Concept: Matthias Georg/Kurt Zihlmann Sequence II (21.07- 11.09)
5 young independent labels invited to present their research.
Innocenti (Zürich), in collaboration with the magazine Stella (Zürich), 41, (Lausanne) ; Stoll & Kramer, (Paris-Aarburg), Arienne Birchler (Anvers), Ligia Esteves Dias, (Paris). Sequence III (15.09- 09.10)
Different Swiss designers will use the space to create a show room, a shop and an event during Paris fashion week : Anita Moser ; Blackpool ; Daniel Herman ; Heinrich Brambilla; Kazu Huggler; Markus Huemer/Unit; Redroom; Tran Hin Phu
A choice of videos made by or for international designers will be shown non-stop. The selection was made in collaboration with Self Service magazine, SHOWstudio.com, founded by photographer Nick Knight. With Bernhard Willhelm, Kim Jones, Peter Pilotto, Viktor & Rolf, Patrick Soderstam, etc.
The most beautiful books exhibition / library
The Art and Design department of the Office fédéral de la culture (OFC) has been organizing the competition The most beautiful Swiss books on a mandate from the Département fédéral de lintérieur (DFI) since 1999.
In 2005, 33 books received the special award, most beautiful Swiss book.
Special thanks:
Signes quotidiens has been produced in collaboration with Laurence Mauderli, of the design departement of the Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich

Thanks to Frankie Bosshard, to Rolf Nungesser & Cristian Reymond of Real Time Society (Zürich) and also the Musée national suisse (Zürich)

The Centre culturel suisse de Paris is the representation of Pro Helvetia, Arts Council of Switzerland

Centre culturel suisse, Paris
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