April 14, 2005 - Wayleave - International art and architecture exhibition
April 14, 2005

International art and architecture exhibition

International art and architecture exhibition

EX MAGAZZINI GENERALI - Istituto Superiore Antincendi
Via del Commercio 13
Rome, Italy
info [​at​] wayleave.net


Wayleave is an ongoing project that features contemporary art and architecture magazines published throughout the world.

The first step of Wayleave project is an exhibition that will take place in Rome from 7 to 30 April.

The exhibition, conceived as a research observatory into the changes in the concept of information in the era of globalisation, intends to:
-draw attention to the fundamental role of magazines, not only from informative and critical analysis points of view, but also as actual forms of creativity
-create a physical reality through the display of the magazines of the mediatic concept of information
-amplify the diffusion of the magazines, also through a research programme in collaboration with the University of Rome and the Directorate for Contemporary Architecture and Art (DARC).
Wayleave does not stop at the end of the exhibition. Wayleave is mainly a work in progress; crucial to the project is the creation of an Internet site www.wayleave.net, that gathers, in the form of an ongoing archive, documentation about both the magazines included in the project and any new magazines that appear on the international scene.The constantly updated site will consist of a research platform and information about the magazines that will continue to be available after the conclusion of the show.

In the home page of site www.wayleave.net, you can find a contact area in order to propose the art and architecture magazines you didn’t find in our archive.
Wayleave can be used as a tool to address the problem of distribution that often limits the diffusion of information. It also highlights the various forms of information.
Wayleave is an interface between the information galaxy and the exhibition’s public.

Until now, the Wayleave project has received over 250 different art and architecture magazines from various countries all over the world.

Among others:
+3 D, 32BNY, A&B, A+U, A10, Almanahul, A minima, Arhitectura, Architecture Australia, AA Files, Abitare, Adbusters, Afterall, Alterarte, American Art, A-N Magazine, A Prior Magazine, l’Arca, Archis, Architecture Australia, Architecture New Zealand, Architecture Week, Archives Of American Art Journal, Arch’it, Architekturny Vestnik, Area, Arhitext, Arkitektur Dk, Around Photography, Art 4d, Art Action Anamnese, Art Asia Pacific, Artel, Artetra, Arti, Art India, Art Issues, Art Monthly Australia, Art Papers, Art Press, Art & Dossier, Arte Al Dia, Arte e Critica, Arte in, Artichoke, Artist, Artit, Artlife, Artlink, Artmagazine, Artnews, Artphoto, Artreview, Arts, Artwork, Asian Art, Asian Art News, Atelier, Azure, Bauwelt, Bidoun, Bioarchitettura, Blackbook, Boiler, Bollettino d’arte, Bridge, Byggekunst, Ca, Camer Austria, Canadian Architect, Casabella, Case da Abitare, Cluster, Colors, Contemporanea, Contemporary, Costruire, Cut-Up, d’architettura, Deco news, Designboom, Detail, Disegno Industriale, Diseno y Deco, Drome, Domus, E-Flux, El Croquis, Exibart, Exit, Fab, Fisuras, Flash art, Fort Sztuki, Frame, Frieze, Gaceta De Museos, Giornale dell’architettura, Giornale dell’arte, Giovani Architetti, Habitat Ufficio, Homn, Hu, Hunch, I Love Museums, I.D., Idea Art & Society, Il Progetto, Janus, Jt, Juliet, Juliet Photo Magazine, Kunstbulletin, Kunstlicht, Kunstquartal, Kunstuff, Lacanian Ink, Lacanian Inkt, Lapiz, L’architetto Italiano, L’architettura, Leading Architecture & Design, Lino, Log, Lotus, Maja, Materia, Metamorfosi, Mimarlik, Modo, Museo Teo Art Fanzine, Navigator, Nero, Nukontrast, Oase, Paesaggi della mente e del mondo, Pages, Parachute, Parametro, Parkett, Perché?/, Pol Oxygen, presS/Tmagazine, Printed Project, Printed ProjectProdesign, Remont, Revistart, Revistart, Scribendi, Segno, Sekcja, Shinkenchiku-sha, Simultaneita’, Springerin, Tema Celeste, Tempestad, Teufel, The Art Newspaper, The Burlington Magazine, The Japan Architect, The New World of Art, The Thing, Titolo, Troubled Times, Turrisbabel, Umelec, Urbis, Variant, Velocidadcrìtica, Version, Virose, We are the Artists, World Sculpture News, www.Art-Magazine.Com, Yishu: Journal Of Contemporary Chinese Art, ZAPP, Zivot Umjetnosti, Zupi

Is a project curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Cecilia Casorati and Silvia La Padula

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