March 31, 2005 - Busan Biennale - The Art Theory & Criticism Seminar 2005
March 31, 2005

The Art Theory & Criticism Seminar 2005

Busan Biennale 2006
The Art Theory & Criticism Seminar 2005

April 13th -April 15th, 2005

Busan Metropolitan City Hall
International Conference Room
T 82-51-888-6691
F 82-51-888-6693
busanbiennal [​at​]

Host: Busan Metropolitan City,Busan Biennale Organizing Committee
Participants: 23 experts from 5 countries

The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee will host ‘The Art Theory & Criticism Seminar 2005′ from April 13 through 15 at the international conference room (the 12th floor) of Busan Metropolitan City Hall. The Seminar is designed to review the current trend of contemporary arts and herald the future direction of ‘Busan Biennale 2006′. A total of 23 experts-curators including Jean-Hubert Martin of Kunst Palast Museum, and critics are invited from 5 countries to discuss contemporary arts with wide perspectives such as exhibition, aesthetics, criticism as well as Biennale organization, the committee management and cultural policy, and further they will suggest measures to make ‘Busan Biennale 2006′ a success. This Seminar consisting of speeches, presentations and designated questioning session will contribute to placing Busan Biennale as a burgeoning center of artistic discourse in Asia.
April 13(Wed) Lecture : Aspect of Contemporary Art for 21 century
Jean Hubert Martin(Director, Kunst Palast Museum in Dusseldorf, Germany)
Jean-Hubert Martin may provide answers to the following questions: What is the implication of arts in non-western countries as cultural communication in the era of globalization; Can artists be immune to colonialism when accepting modernism linked with a colonial age?; Aren’t Western contemporary arts another colonial rule governing the world?; Isn’t it high time now to rewrite the world art history that has been dominated by Europe?; Were religious arts and other traditional arts forgotten due to the western modernism?.

-Main Careers : Director, National Museum of the Art of Africa & Oceania in Paris(’94-99) / Director, National Museum of Modern Art-George Pompidue Center(’87-90) / Director, Kunsthalle in Berlin(’82-85)
Jung-Kwon Chin(Adjunct Professor, Choong-Ang University, Korea)
Jung-Kwon Chin will deliver a speech on ‘Neo-Manierismo’, a possible icon of 21 century, covering the following issues: Today’s information technology transforms reality into fiction while genetic engineering even designs human life. The boundary of arts and technology is blurring with introduction of new technology. We marvel at dramatically advanced technology. Isn’t it going too far if we think that technical imagination is merely dream of machinery and arts are heavily dependent on machinery?

-Main Careers : B.A & M.A., Studies in Aesthetics, Seoul National University / Author, “Aesthetic Odyssey, 2003, Humanist”, “Sexual Aesthetics, 2005, Humanist “, etc.
April 14(Tue) Presentation & Designate Questioning : Recent trends of Contemporary Art
Jee-Sook Beck(Project Director, Insa Art Space of The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Korea)
Jee-Sook Beck will address the way to specify arts in the midst of cultural environment where a wealth of information is disseminated real time in a broadband connection. Beck will also touch upon contemporary arts crossing the dividing line between a few global arts and a slew of local arts with case studies.

-Main Careers : Chief Curator, Marronnier Gallery of The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation(03-04) / Co-organizer, “The Postman is a genius in Seoul”(’03, The Netherlands)
Hong-Hee Kim(Director, Ssamziespace, Korea)
Hong-Hee Kim will focus discourse of Asian women’s media art on epistemological meaning and ontological aspects which come first before characteristics or identity of their arts. Kim will raise several questions: What influence does media technology emerging as a new artistic scene in Asia and the world inflict on arts of women, in particular, of Asian artists?; What is the current situation and the future of vision of Asian women’s media art?.

-Main Careers : Commissioner, The Korean Pavillion of the 50th Venice Biennale(’03) / Lecture, “Nam-June Paik & Shamanism” (’02, AsiaPacific Triennale) / International Committee Member, Yokohama Triennale(’01)
Huang Do(Independent Curator, China)
Huang Du will present a new trend of Asian arts by questioning several issues: What is the definition of ‘Asian Characteristics’ and how it can be interpreted in terms of our efforts to bring contemporary arts beyond Asia?; How can we represent identity of Asian arts when creating modern arts?

-Main Careers : Curator, The Chinese Pavillion of the 26th Sao Paulo Biennale (’04) / Curator, The Chinese Pavillion of the 50th Venice Biennale (’03) / Curator, The Chinese Pavillion of the 1st Melbourne International Biennale (’99)
April 15(Fri) Presentation & Designate Questioning : New Visions of Busan Biennale 2006
Chan-Dong Kim(Team Director, Publications & Media Team of The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation)
Chan-Dong Kim will make suggestions regarding how to obtain the cultural identity of Busan Biennale distinct from that of other biennales, expand infra structure for local arts, secure financial resources, make short-term & long-term strategies, grasp characteristics of culture industry, enhance management skill and acquire expertise in operating the Committee.

-Main Careers : Staff, The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation(’84-05) / Curator, The Special Exhibition of Gwangju Beinnale(’00)
Henk Slager(Dean, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art & Design, The Netherlands)
Henk Slager will look back upon exhibitions displayed in the past 3 Busan Biennales from their Inner Logic and advise how to plan the displays to assist ‘Busan Biennale 2006′ in making a difference.

-Main Careers : Curator, “Demirrorized Zone, De Appel”(’03, The Netherlands) / Curator, “Concept on the Move”(’01-02, Venice, London, Tokyo, Paris, New York, etc.)
Paul Domela(Deputy Chief Executive, Liverpool Biennale, U.K.)
Paul Domela will introduce case studies in line with comparison between Liverpool Biennale and other counterparts under the concept of ‘Context Sensitive’ Liverpool to show how effectively the long-term policy of Liverpool was implemented to fully support artists in connection with the project of Liverpool Biennale.

-Main Career : Co-curator, “Shrink Cities”(’03-04, Germany) / Head of Production office, Jan Van Eyck Akademie(’92-99, The Netherlands)

Busan Biennale
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