March 28, 2005 - Aurora Picture Show - Media Archeology: Live Cinema
March 28, 2005

Media Archeology: Live Cinema

Media Archeology: Live Cinema Performances
April 13-17, 2005

Animal Charm / Wet Gate / Paper Rad with Extreme Animals and Cory Arcangel / TV Sheriff & the Trailbuddies / People Like Us

Aurora Picture Show
800 Aurora Street
Houston, Texas 77009
T 713-868-2101

Join Aurora Picture Show for our second annual Media Archeology Festival–five nights of live film and video mixing, looping, montaging, multiple projecting and scoring in real time. The Live Cinema movement is the cinematic corollary to DJ-ing, sampling, and mash-ups, using film, video and computer imagery as raw materials for spectacular audio/visual composition.

Aurora will publish a festival catalog with an essay by Ed Halter, author and Director of the New York Underground Film Festival. Catalogs will be available at all screenings or by request, for no cost.
Media Archeology is Aurora Picture Show’s annual festival highlighting artists and collectors who preserve, study, and/or re-use found media. This year’s festival is designed to jog our short-term historical memories of mass amateur, industrial, and popular film and video; the images and sound that enter our living rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, gameboys, and personal computers, often resting passively in the margins of our imaginations.

Animal Charm
Open Soars
Wednesday, April 13, 8pm
@ Aurora Picture Show
800 Aurora, 77009; 713.868.2101
Animal Charm scrambles media codes, creating a kind of tic-ridden, convulsive montage, their disruptive gestures often re-investing conventional forms with subversive meanings. They dive the dumpsters of film and video production companies and scrap through countless hours of industrial documentary and corporate footage, often editing the tapes in a live mix session before an audience.

Animal Charm is Jim Fetterley and Rich Bott. They have performed at LA Freewaves Festival, Los Angeles; Cinevegas Film Festival, Las Vegas; Transat Video, Herouville-St-Claire, France; Whitney Museum; Lux Cinema, and Sundance Film Festival.
Wet Gate
Thursday, April 14, 8pm
@ Barnevelder Movement / Arts Complex
2201 Preston St, 77003; 713.529.1819
Using nothing but film projectors and loops and a handful of simple electronic processors, Wet Gate – Peter Conheim, (Mono Pause and Negativland), Steven Dye (The Dactyls of Phrygia and Epic), and Owen O’Toole – the San Francisco Bay Area’s renowned all-16mm-projector performing ensemble, creates a vivid sound and visual montage of epic proportions. Cinema for the ear as well as the eye.

Wet Gate is Peter Conheim, Steven Dye and Owen O’Toole. They have performed at Film Arts Foundation Festival, San Francisco, CA; Taos Talking Pictures Festival, Taos, NM; Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL; and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Paper Rad, Extreme Animals and Cory Arcangel
Friday April 15, 8pm
@ Mixture Contemporary
1709 Westheimer, 77098; 713.520.6809
In this performance, Cory Arcangel, Jacob Ciocci, and David Wightman will be engaged in a LIVE HTML BATTLE to save the internet. Can Hypertext Markup Language translate into entertainment? Find out, as they explore the internet in new and exciting ways.

Cory Arcangel has shown his work in the 2004 Whitney Biennial, MOMA, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Guggenheim Museum, and at the Royal Academy in London. Jacob Ciocci is a founding member of Paper Rad. His hi-NRG nerds-gone-wild live performances have taken place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Deitch Projects in New York, and Chela Gallery in Baltimore. David Wightman has toured the nation five times with the spazz duo, Extreme Animals. With this group he has released recordings on Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Entertainment, Breaking World Records, and Frequenc.
TV Sheriff and the Trailbuddies
Saturday, April 16, 8pm
@ Orange Show Center for Visionary Art
2402 Munger St, 77023; 713.926.6368
The MVP Network Stars will be performing their current live musical video mixing cavalcade showdown, TV Sheriff and the Trailbuddies. These wild western videomaniacs will be playing synchronized audio/video clips on their TV Instruments from what they consider is the best and worst in television, film and video media.

Davy Force! a.k.a. TV Sheriff is an electronic musician, voice and animation artist. He is the creator of the Anti-mercial, an underground version of remixed and reanimated commercials (“Hypno-Chicken 2000) and live avant-garde performances of interactive animation video and music. The Prospector is Brien E Rullman, Founder/President of OVT Visuals, a full time VJ for over ten years, VJ TEK from Rabbit in the Moon. He has performed at Sundance Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, and Psychic TV at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Doug Lussenhop a.k.a. Douggpound has exhibed at Heaven, Chicago; Select Media Festival; VHS Festival, Rotterdam; Puerto Rico ’02; the International Festival of New Film, Split, Croatia; PS-1; and Z Film Festival.
People Like Us
Sunday, April 17, 8pm
@ DiverseWorks Art Space
1117 East Freeway, I-10 at North Main, 77002; 713.223.8346
This live cinema performance is an exploration into the world of cut and
paste audio/visual collage, where found footage is recontextualized with
a surrealistic edge. People Like Us is Vicki Bennett, a one-woman multi-media artist, who has since 1992 been making audio works, radio programs, and later audio/visual multimedia.

Vicki Bennett has presented and performed at the Tate Modern, The Purcell Room, The ICA, Royal College of Art, Sydney Opera House, The Pompidou Centre, Toronto Images Festival, New York Underground Film Festival, Walker Art Center and UC Davis. Bennett has also had live appearances/sessions for John Peel and BBC Radio 3′s ‘Mixing It’. In addition to this, she does an ongoing weekly experimental arts radio show on the freeform New York radio station WFMU, called “DO or DIY.”
Media Archeology: Live Cinema is funded in part by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.
For ticket information please contact
Aurora Picture Show

Aurora Musarum Amica Aurora is a friend of the muses.

Aurora Picture Show
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