March 23, 2005 - La Maison Rouge - Ann Hamilton
March 23, 2005

Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton, phora (detail)

Ann Hamilton

18 february – 22 may 2005

La maison rouge – foundation antoine de galbert
10 bd de la Bastille
F – 75012 Paris
T + 33 1 40 01 08 81

Following two exhibitions exploring the theme of the private collection, “L’intime, behind closed doors, the private world of the collector” and “Central Station, the Harald Falckenberg collection”, la maison rouge invites the American artist Ann Hamilton to engage its space.

Ann Hamilton has achieved international recognition for her imposing site-specific installations which subtly incorporate sound, video, photography, and often vast accumulations of diverse objects and materials. The artist repeatedly refers to architecture as a skin we inhabit.

For this, her first solo exhibition in Paris, the artist has created phora, an utterance and a vocal expression inspired by the history and architectural context of the (red) house (la maison rouge), and by two symbolic places: the Bastille as the voice of public demonstration and the Bastille Opera as a demonstrative public voice.

Ann Hamilton transforms the different exhibition spaces into platforms from which the genesis of vocalization and vocal expression are explored.

Curator: Waltraud Forelli- Wallach

This exhibition is supported by Etant donnes, the French-American Fund for Contemporary Art, a FACSEA programme.

courtesy of the image : Ann Hamilton, phora (detail)

Our mission
At the initiative of its founder, la maison rouge does not house Antoine de Galbert’s personal collection. Instead it offers an accessible program featuring temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Foundation is neither a museum nor a gallery. It functions as an art center specializing in the theme of private collections.

It will host regular presentations of major international private collections, alternating with monographic or thematic shows. All these exhibitions will be entrusted to independent curators.

Upcoming exhibitions

Press office: Claudine Colin Communication
5, rue Barbette – 75003 Paris
t: +33 1 42 72 60 01
f:+ 33 1 42 75 50 23
contact: Nathalie Marchal/

La Maison Rouge
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