March 11, 2005 - Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center - Normalization
March 11, 2005


10 March – 23 April

Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center
276 Istiklal Caddesi
Beyoglu, Istanbul
+ 90 212 293 23 61

The third installment in a program of exhibitions, events and discussions organized under the same heading.

Since October ’04 Platform has been pursuing an art program that focuses on the multiple meanings of the term normalization, its usage, manifestation, and its political and social implications. The mere mention of normalization carries with it a multitude of connotations: the EU process of transition, one of adoption and transformation; or its contrary and the desire to achieve normality, ‘hope in liberation and independence. Hope in a normal life where we are neither heroes nor victims’.*

It is the very ambiguity of the term normalization that revokes a single curatorial approach. And, although by means of different perspectives, a collection of art works in one exhibition could balance such a predicament, this alone does not absolve the curator’s responsibility to also confront the preposition. Hence, Platform’s response to Normalization has been one of trepidation and enquiry. Following two exhibitions and a program of talks and discussions, this, the third gallery presentation introduces Normalization via a diverse group of works that pronounce a range of commissioned responses, or presupposed tendencies towards the theme.
Can Altay – Normalization / First and Second Parts / Haluk Akakce, Can Altay, Yetkin Basarir, Cevdet Erek, Leyla Gediz, Hatice Guleryuz, Gulsun Karamustafa, Bulent Sangar, Secil Yersel, Neriman Polat, Osman Bozkurt, Koken Ergun, Esra Ersen, Erkan Ozgen, Sener Ozmen / with the contribution of Oguzhan Genc, Kutlu Gurelli, Sinem Kurultay (2005), Yael Bartana – Trembling Time “(2001), Mark Leckey – Made in Heaven (2004), Aydan Murtezaoglu – Hip Activities (2004), Phil Collins – selection of photographic works, Roman Ondak – Good Feelings in Good Times (2004), Solmaz Shahbazi -Persepolis (2005), Wael Shawky – The Cave (2004), Jalal Toufic – I Am the Martyr, Comrade Jamal Sati (2003).
Art For (one and two)
Haluk Akakce, Can Altay, Yetkin Basarir, Osman Bozkurt, Cevdet Erek, Koken Ergun, Esra Ersen, Leyla Gediz, Hatice Guleryuz, Gulsun Karamustafa, Neriman Polat, Erkan Ozgen, Sener Ozmen, Bulent Sangar, Secil Yersel.
Normalization is supported by European Cultural Foundation and was conceived as part of a series of exhibitions, lectures and discussions initiated under the umbrella concept normalization. Parallel programs have been developed by Rooseum in Malmo, Sweden and WHW in Zagreb, Croatia. A joint publication will emerge from these three interpretations. Platform’s Normalization program was launched on 2 October 2004 and since then the topic has been discussed with conferences by Can Altay, Solmaz Shahbazi, Phil Collins, Erden Kosova, Vasif Kortun, Mark Leckey and Aydan Murtezaoglu. A two part exhibition Art for… presented a selection of work produced by artists from Turkey previously only exhibited abroad. In addition artist Nurullah Gorhan from Kiziltepe- Mardin was invited to spend three months at the Istanbul Residency Program and he will be joined in April ’05 by Yael Bartana from Israel.

* Mahmoud Darwish.

Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center
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