March 1, 2005 - KW Institute for Contemporary Art - e-flux video rental
March 1, 2005

e-flux video rental

e-flux video rental
March 5 – August 31, 2005
Opening: March 5, 8pm

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststrasse 69
D-10117 Berlin
T 030. 24 34 59 10

KW Institute for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of a new Berlin branch of e-flux video rental (EVR) on its premises. From March 5 to September 2005 EVR will be located in KW’s project room and will be open for business daily from 3-8pm (closed Monday).

A project by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda, EVR comprises a free video rental store, a public screening room, and an archive. Its collection, selected in collaboration with group of fifty international curators, consists of nearly five hundred art films and video works, and is available to the public for home viewing free of charge (for full listing of participants please visit ) For EVR’s Berlin branch at KW, curators and artists associated with KW have been invited to select fifty new additions to the collection, in this way permanently expanding its inventory.

The e-flux video rental at KW will open at 8pm on March 5, 2005 with presentations in the project room and Cafe Bravo by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda, who will screen a selection of EVR staff picks – their current ten favorite works from the inventory, to be followed by a party. We hope to see you there!

EVR Staff Picks:

1. “Returning a sound”, Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, selected by Hans Ulrich Obrist (5:36′)
2. “Guarana Power”, Superflex selected by e-flux staff (11′)
3. “Los Rebeldes del Sur”, Wilson Diaz (10′) selected by Pablo Leon de la Barra
4. “An Artist Who Cannot Speak English is No Artist”, Jakup Ferri, selected by Natasa Petresin (5′)
5. “From my Window”, by Jozef Robakowski (9′ 20″) selected by Adam Klimzac
6. “Casual Shopper”, Judith Barry (6′) selected by Gilbert Vicario
7. “Polaroid Cocaine”, by Michel Auder (5′) selected by e-flux staff
8. “La Pasion de Juana de Arco”, by Jorge Macchi (10′) selected by Gabriel Perez Barreiro
9. “Living a Beautiful Life”, by Corinna Schnitt (13′) selected by Christoph Keller
10. “I Verdi Giorni”, by Diego Perrone (2’30″) selected by Massimiliano Gioni

As of May 2005, when an outdoor cinema specially designed by the architectural firms Le Balto and INSTANT will open in the KW garden, the institute’s courtyard will be the venue for regular film screenings and presentations by the participating curators and artists associated with EVR. We will keep you informed on the details of open-air screenings and events.

questions? please contact:
Markus Muller I Maike Cruse t: 030 24 34 59 50 f: 030 24 34 59 99
KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststrasse 69
D-10117 Berlin
Tel : 030. 24 34 59 10


meanwhile at EVR, New York:
March 8, 8pm – Zdenka Badovinac, Director of Moderna Galerija/Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana will present EXAT 51 and The Zagreb school of animated films

In Croatia the EXAT 51 group was the first to radically break off from socialist realism; they even proposed a language of geometric abstraction and the synthesis of different visual arts for the art of new socialist society. The artists from the Exat 51 group were active in many different fields of art, architecture, design, experimental film, video art, animated film, music. Two of these artists Dusan Vukotic (Oscar winner for his Substitute in 1962) and Vladimir Kristl introduced these ideas into the medium of animated film – through form, speaking without words, merely through schematic figures, abstract characters and non-descriptive synthetic music. They belonged to “The Zagreb School of animated films” ( seventeen cartoonists) which brought completely new aesthetic and avant-garde approach in animation in the mid-1950s and was definite break off with Disney’s concept of “full animation and full movement.”
March 11, 8 pm – Vasif Kortun, Director of Garanti Platform and co-curator of Istanbul Biennial will screen a selection of Kurdish videos.
March 13, 8pm – A special screening of a program put together by Hans Ulrich Obrist for Dakar Biennale, entitled Nanook Cinema, including works by Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Doug Aitken, Yang Fudong, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Isaac Julien, Philippe Parreno and Anri Sala.
(French subtitles)

Please note that seating is very very limited, so if you wish to attend please RSVP ASAP to
53 Ludlow Street
NYC NY 10002
t. +212.619-3356

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
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