February 2, 2005 - Cabinet - issue 16
February 2, 2005

issue 16

Cabinet magazine’s issue 16, with a special section on “the Sea,” available now

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Pirate flags, rogue waves, Hawaiian divers, Horatio Nelson’s hair, Catalan submarines, anchors, and a colossal octopus

– Margaret Cohen on the nautical character of modernity
– Mark Dery on the psychogeographical history of Southern California
– Michael Bracewell on the faded grandeur of the English seaside resort
– Keller Easterling on Nauru’s riches-to-rags story

– Margaret Wertheim in conversation with crocheting mathematicians David Henderson & Daina Taimina on their models of hyperbolic planes
– Spencer Finch on Nabakov, synesthesia, and the vagaries of the color pistachio
– Christopher Turner on his grandfather’s jigsaw puzzles for Her Majesty the Queen

Architectural security, victimless meat, queuing, the trouble with e-waste, and an update from the Cabinet National Library

Artist projects by Yto Barrada, Edward Burtynsky, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Emma Kay, Walid Raad, Dan Torop, 2 x 4, and Lars Tunbjork

For a full table of contents, see www.cabinetmagazine.org/issues/16/
Subscribe online at www.cabinetmagazine.org/shop/index.php?cPath=31

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