December 17, 2004 - Afterall - Afterall celebrates publication of Afterall Issue 10
December 17, 2004

Afterall celebrates publication of Afterall Issue 10

Afterall celebrates publication of Afterall Issue 10



Joelle Tuerlinckx
Essays: Catherine Wood and Matthew Evans Teti Monika Baer
Essays: Jennifer Allen and Hanne Loreck Rene Daniels
Essays: John Chilver and Adam Berg Edgar Arceneaux
Essays: Charles Gaines and Catrin Lorch Sam Durant
Essays: Mary Leclere and Jonathan Flatley

Contextual Essays: Beatrice von Bismarck Gestures of Exhibiting Laura Mulvey The Death Drive.

We are pleased to announce the publication of Afterall issue 10. This issue focuses on five artists who manifest a complex relationship to aesthetics and the imagination, with subtle implications for social change and progressive transformation.

The artists collected here variously address this challenge. We began with consideration of the lightness with which Rene Daniels deftly examines the fragile possibility of continuing to paint in a meaningful way – by creating images of an imagined space that cannot be resolved – which led to the very real spaces of Joelle Tuerlinckx’s complex installations that place the process of exhibition under the microscope. Then came Monika Baer’s fantastical works, strange agglomerations of collaged and drawn imagery floating in the indefinite space of ‘painting’. Edgar Arceneaux grounds himself in a return to the basic technique of drawing to investigate the varied representations of race in American culture. Finally, Sam Durant’s interrogation of the iconography of dissent and nostalgia for the forms it took in the 1960s, both aesthetic and political, serves to indicate how much of those possibilities have been left speechless by the relentless power of contemporary capitalism.

Afterall is a journal of contemporary art published twice a year in London and Los Angeles. In each issue the editors feature five artists whose work we find compelling, with the idea that the juxtaposition of very different bodies of work adds to the interpretation and understanding of each practice. We hope you enjoy the issue!

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