December 15, 2004 - Artforum - Artforum launches Scene & Herd
December 15, 2004

Artforum launches Scene & Herd

Artforum launches Scene & Herd (

Scott Rothkopf on Art Basel Miami Beach

“The real action, it seemed, was elsewhere-which is where the action at this fair always seems to be. For unlike Basel proper, which comes with fewer private parties and (as might be expected) poolside cabanas, the overabundance of simultaneous events in Miami induces a near-manic paranoia in clued-in visitors endlessly worried that they’re in the wrong place at the right time. READ ON (

Alison Gingeras takes in the art at collectors Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz’s unofficial Art Basel kick-off party

“On the way upstairs, another uniformed maid-I counted at least ten-requested that guests park their shoes. Here, finally, was the psychedelic wallpaper I’d been expecting! Once ascended, I ran into a New York gallery director who advised me that the work on the second floor was a replay of assume vivid astro focus’s Whitney Biennial installation (complete with spiral staircase), but despite her encouragement to do an about-face and have another drink in the garden, I forged ahead into the ‘environment’. . .” READ ON (

And David Rimanelli surveys the scene in the garden party below

“As the evening wore on, and on, and on, the party, which I had enjoyed for some hours in high spirits, began to take a difficult, not to say sour turn, as taxis, cars, and limousines clogged the driveway. Egress was exceedingly painful. ‘Reminds me of my favorite novel, Day of the Locust,’ a ne plus ultra art-world insider said, laughing.” READ ON (


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