December 15, 2004 - framework: the finnish art review - The Finnish Art Review 2 / Fall 2004 AVAILABLE NOW
December 15, 2004

The Finnish Art Review 2 / Fall 2004 AVAILABLE NOW

Framework: The Finnish Art Review 2 / Fall 2004 AVAILABLE NOW

The Finnish Art Review
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Publisher: FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange
Lonnrotinkatu 39 B 13, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
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Framework 2: Innovation and Social Space. Framework 2 raises a set of questions about the relationship between art and contemporary media society. It focuses especially on the new media art, which is often considered the most innovative of current art forms because it makes such heavy use of technological innovations. Technology as such is not the issue here, however, but the opportunities it gives to new artistic expression.
Locating sets general frame for the theme Innovation and Social Space by several scientists and cultural actors: Ilkka Tuomi, the author of the rewarded Networks of Innovation (2003) reconsiders the ethics of the information society; philosopher Chuck Dyke, in turn, reflects on Tuomi’s book. Professor Tere Vadén and researcher Niklas Vainio deal with topics like intellectual property and global challenges of eDevelopment; Mikko Lehtonen, professor of media culture, studies the concept of multimodality. Philosopher and anthropologist Bruno Latour gives an interview in which he reflects upon the exhibition Iconoclash, and Kirsi Peltomäki, an artist and art historian, discusses utopias in contemporary art.
Focus is directed at unveiling some of major issues related to media art – its concept, history and current practices – by a number of Finnish cultural actors, scholars and specialists like Perttu Rastas, Erkki Huhtamo, Erkki Kurenniemi, Mauri Kaipiainen, and Juha Huuskonen. The researchers Riikka Matala and Minna Tarkka bring a special focus to bear on the work of Laura Beloff and Heidi Tikka.
Features and Interviews is presenting the work of Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Charles Sandison, Salla Tykka, and Minna Langstrom.
Opinions, Analyses & Letters offers a forum for both invited and submitted texts by those in the fields of art and science, to discuss different perspectives on cultural criticism as well as institutional and cultural policies. In Framework 2, statements and examples are provided by Maarten Hajer, Professor of Public Policy and Arnold Reijndorp, an independent consultant, Harri Veivo, literature researcher, and Pasi Maenpaa, urban sociologist, the philosopher Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield. Paula Toppila, curator, talks with Mary Jane Jacob, independent curator, about the concept and practices of public art. Kai Wartianen, an architect and Professor of Urban Planning replies to Framework’s inquiry about a practical dilemma confronting HIAP – Helsinki International Artists-in-residence Programme.
Visitor’s Voice essay on haptic visuality is written by Laura U.Marks, media theorist and curator. An art historian Riikka Stewen writes a commentary for it.
Global Watch comments on international events. Sureyyya Evren (Istanbul) examines the concept of torture in the light of recent events in Iraq, while Natasa Petresin (Ljubljana) analyses the events around Critical Art Ensemble; Raul Zamudio (New York) tells about mobbing and its use in critical art and politics; and Mika Hannula (Helsinki/Berlin) looks at the recent public discussion over the opening of the Flick Collection in Berlin.

In addition, Framework 2 includes sections of Exhibition and Project Reviews, Book Reviews, and News contributed by a number of art professionals and scientists. To see the content of the issue, see

PREVIOUS ISSUE Framework 1 / Spring 2004 (limited copies available) contextualises contemporary art in a North European cultural, historical and geographical framework. The entire content of the publication – metaphorically but also quite concretely -is constructed around the concept of border.
Framework: The Finnish Art Review, a new bi-annual magazine, is a discursive forum that opens a space for a variety of visual material, as well as extensive articles, analyses and international commentaries on contemporary art and culture. One of its tasks is to assist in establishing Finnish contemporary art on the international scene – to connect the local to the international. It is primarily concerned with visual arts, but deals also with other art forms and cultural criticism at large.

Publisher: FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange
Lonnrotinkatu 39 B 13, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
Phone +358 (0)9 612 6420
Fax +358 (0)9 612 64230

framework: the finnish art review
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