November 26, 2004 - Moderna Museet - Ann-Sofi Siden
November 26, 2004

Ann-Sofi Siden

Ann-Sofi Siden
In Between the Best of Worlds

20 November – 2 March

Moderna Museet
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 5195 5271
Fax: +46 8 5195 5210

Ann-Sofi Siden is a name that stands out in Swedish contemporary art. She has a long-standing reputation on the international art scene, and over the past few years she has had large solo exhibitions in London, Paris and Vienna. Now that Moderna Museet is showing some of her most essential projects, this is a dream project come true.

Ann-Sofi Siden’s artistic explorations revolve around various social phenomena of a historical, medical or psychological nature. The borderline between science, society and man’s inner soul, are under scrutiny. With questions about vulnerability, control, violence and vigilance, Ann-Sofi Siden unravels the threads of the history of the human psyche. Her method is an evocative blend of journalism and scientific method.

A richly illustrated catalogue, with essays and new photographic material, will be produced in conjunction with the exhibition.

Moderna Museet
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