October 4, 2004 - Artforum - October in Artforum: Special Issue
October 4, 2004

October in Artforum: Special Issue

October in Artforum: Special Issue

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“There are a lot of angles and surfaces, but when it comes to Warhol, depth is a much harder read.” –Kara Walker

“Back to Tomorrow” contains articles charting the course of “Pop before Pop.” Thomas Crow opens the proceedings with an essay that tracks the pop/art dialectic from the eighteenth century atelier of Jean-Antoine Watteau to the studios of London’s Royal College of Art in the mid-1950s. “Pop Art,” Clement Greenberg’s previously unpublished lecture appears here with an introduction by the art historian James Meyer, who unearthed the text in Greenberg’s papers at the Getty Research Institute.

“My Pop,” a series of remarks by contemporary artists on the influence of Pop art and its relationship to their practices are scattered throughout the issue. Contributors include assume vivid astro focus, Dara Birnbaum, Andrea Bowers, Urs Fischer, Gary Hume, Isaac Julian, Chris Ofili, Raymond Pettibon, and a dozen others.

Plus: Thomas Lawson on “Infotainment,” Robert Rosenblum on “Post Human,” Robert Storr on Mike Kelley, Alison M. Gingeras on Martin Kippenberger, David Rimanelli on Los Super Elegantes, and Hal Foster on Pop Architecture.

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