October 4, 2004 - Parkett - New Parkett with Olaf Breuning, Richard Phillips, Keith Tyson and Pipilotti Rist
October 4, 2004

New Parkett with Olaf Breuning, Richard Phillips, Keith Tyson and Pipilotti Rist

Parkett 71: New Parkett with Olaf Breuning, Richard Phillips, Keith Tyson and Pipilotti Rist

Olaf Breuning,
Richard Phillips,
Keith Tyson &
Pipilotti Rist


Parkett’s second of three anniversary issues is out featuring 224 editorial pages and more than 150 color reproductions in Parkett’s signature design.

While Olaf Breuning and Richard Phillips acquire new insights by devoting themselves to the world of forms and aesthetic appearances as “taste analysts”, Keith Tyson, a latter-day uomo universale, strides through complex scientific universes as if he were strolling around in an amusement park. The visual forms and mental peregrinations of these three artists engage cultural borderlines where subjectivity and rationality, sensuousness and cold abstraction are remixed.

Fanciful figures they are, those youthful creatures who stare at us out of Olaf Breuning’s photographs and videos. And yet their sectarian looks, their air of disheveled arcane knowledge, trash archaic civilization and marketing slavery, communicate a disturbing sense of gruff exclusion. Richard Phillips’ oil paintings also elicit contradictory sensations, for they toy with the memory of rejoicing in the visual delight of painting without disguising its dreadfully cloying “anti-matter”. Richard Phillips stoically paints the allegedly lesser aesthetic output of industrialized commercial art, which is no longer in circulation. In contrast, Keith Tyson’s astonishing world models or wonders, as in his series, The Seven Wonders of the World, invite us to participate in cheerful but not easily accessible sciences.
Authors include Gianni Jetzer, Carissa Rodriguez and Marc-Olivier Wahler on Olaf Breuning. Diedrich Diedrichsen, Jutta Koether and Christian Rattemeyer on Richard Phillips, and Michael Archer, Hans-Rudolf Reust and Ethan Wagner on Keith Tyson.

For his edition Olaf Breuning made a humorous sculptural object, Lemon Pig, fabricated of an assortment of display fruits. Richard Phillips’ five-color lithograph is provocatively entitled Miss Parkett. Keith Tyson designed a Paperweight in unique, handpainted versions of pebbles on partially enamel painted copper mounted on a rubber base.

Our 20-year anniversary section features in this issue Pipilotti Rist. Having created Help, an edition of herself as a patron saint or an icon that can be carried around like cast-off skin or draped over furniture, she reaches into the depths of many ages and cultures. In addition, the great symbolic power conveyed by her treatment of the body may be seen as an alternative to the images of women in Richard Phillips’ work. In her interview Pipilotti Rist talks openly to Elisabeth Roth and an essay by Aenne Soell rounds up this anniversary contribution. Nicolas Bourriaud contributes seven theses to our ongoing series of anniversary essays on the “(IM)MATERIAL”.
Also in this issue: Vincent Katz on Kiki Smith, Michelle Nicol on Walter Pfeiffer and Francis McKee on Fiona Banner. Paolo Bianchi and Wayne Baerwaldt write in Cumulus. In Balkon Klaus Theweleit orients us to the recent torture photographs taken at Abu Ghraib, skillfully comparing them to Pasolini’s controversial film, Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom. The Insert is by Dan Perjovschi.
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