October 1, 2004 - MALBA - Uses of the Image: Photography, Film and Video in The Jumex Collection
October 1, 2004

Uses of the Image: Photography, Film and Video in The Jumex Collection

Uses of the Image: Photography, Film and Video in The Jumex Collection

Malba – Coleccion Costantini

Gabriel Orozco (Veracruz, Mexico, 1962) Island Within an Island / Isla dentro de la isla, 1993, Impresion cibacromo, 40.60 x 50.80 cm, La Coleccion Jumex Fotografia: Laura Cohen    Uses of the Image: Photography, Film and Video in The Jumex Collection From 29 September through 22 November, 2004 Opening: September 28, 7 pm, at Malba l Septiembre 29, 7 pm, at Espacio Fundacion Telefonica

Co-produced by Malba and Jumex in association with Espacio Fundacion Telefonica de Argentina Guest curators: Carlos Basualdo y Patricia Martin Days & hours: Thu-Mon 12.00 – 8.00pm / Wed 12.00 – 9pm

Malba – Coleccion Costantini and The Jumex Collection in association with Espacio Fundacion Telefonica de Argentina will open the exhibition Uses of the Image: Photography, Film and Video in The Jumex Collection, a selection of more than two-hundred works by forty international artists who have broadened the frontiers of contemporary visual language in the last decades.

The Jumex Collection is one of the most important collections of contemporary art to be found in Latin America. It brings together works by a group of international artists from United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America including Gabriel Orozco, Rodney Graham, Francis Alys, Louise Lawler, Dan Graham, Thomas Hirschhorn, Minerva Cuevas, Mike Kelley, Santiago Sierra, Sharon Lockhart, Rineke Dijkstra, Andreas Gursky, Paul McCarthy, Thomas Demand, Jeff Wall, Tom Friedman, Olafur Eliasson and Pablo Vargas-Lugo.

The exhibition space was organized by the curators using different conceptual frameworks: the field of the mediated image; the tension between documentation and work, between archival logic and the materiality of the document; the covering of procedures and strategies through the insistence on a theme; an interrogation of the exhibition of art and its institutional context; the dissolving of the categories of reality and fiction; casting doubt on the supposed specificity of the media.

To accompany this selection, Malba and Espacio Fundacion Telefonica de Argentina have jointly created a special educational program that will involve a group of artists represented in the collection traveling to Buenos Aires in order to share their work and ideas with Argentinean artists. Francis Alys, Dan Graham and Pablo Vargas-Lugo will meet with young local artists who will have the chance to become familiar with their production, exchange ideas and thus strengthen local production.

For the first time in Argentina, an anthology of thirteen of the most important texts written on photography, film and video during recent years will be translated into Spanish. With a markedly didactic character and bilingual, the catalog also includes color reproductions of all of the works shown in the exhibition.

Malba – Coleccion Costantini

Malba – Coleccion Costantini (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) opened its doors on September 21, 2001. Eduardo F. Costantini Foundation’s project since 1998, Malba is a not-for-profit institution featuring the Costantini Collection, and also a dynamic cultural center, that constantly updates art and film exhibitions and develops cultural activities.

The collection consists of a selection of more than two hundred works, including drawings, paintings, sculptures and objects by artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela including Tarsila do Amaral, Diego Rivera, Joaquin Torres Garcia, Frida Kahlo, Wifredo Lam and Antonio Berni among others.

The mission of Malba is to collect, preserve, research and promote Latin American art from the onset of the 20th century to the present. This also involves educating the public to foster their knowledge in Latin American artists, in the diversity of cultural and artistic holdings in this region.

Malba – Coleccion Costantini
3415 Figueroa Alcorta Avenue
C1425CLA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
t: 5411 4808 6500 f: 5411 4808 6599 www.malba.org.ar
Espacio Fundacion Telefonica
Arenales 1540
C1061AAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina
t. 5411 433 1300 / 1301 www.fundacion.telefonica.com.ar/espacio

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