September 28, 2004 - ESOPUS BOOKS - ESOPUS #3 (FALL 2004) available mid-October
September 28, 2004

ESOPUS #3 (FALL 2004) available mid-October

ESOPUS #3 (FALL 2004) available mid-October


Artists’ projects by Andrea Dezso, Jenny Holzer and Mark Keffer

Contributions from Doug Aitken, Sonic Boom & Delia Derbyshire, Bruce Conner, Jad Fair, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Marvin Lazarus, Scott McCloud, the Wrens and others

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“ONE OF THE 10 BEST MAGAZINES OF 2003″ –Library Journal

Esopus 3 will be available in mid-October 2004. Its contents include artists’ projects by Andrea Dezso, Jenny Holzer and Mark Keffer, a pull-out poster of 100 frames from Bruce Conner’s 1966 film Breakaway (along with an appreciation by artist Doug Aitken), portraits of Marcel Duchamp, Franz Kline, Louise Nevelson, Isamu Noguchi and many others by the late photographer Marvin Lazarus (accompanied by Lazarus’s journal entries from the early ’60s recounting each sitting), a new “Dear Sissy” letter-monologue by playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #3 (a removable poster), Angus Trumble’s “1849 in Retrospect,” and an interview with alternative rock band the Wrens, in which they discuss the making of their acclaimed 2003 album The Meadowlands.

Also featured is a 10-track invitational CD on the theme of “Product Displacement,” for which musicians Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Scott McCloud (Girls vs. Boys), New York jazz/scat singer Connie MacNamee and The Baptist Generals, among others, have “embedded” advertising jingles or slogans in original songs.

Esopus is published twice a year (in the spring and fall) and incorporates high-quality printing, unusual paper stocks, specially formulated inks and the inclusion of hand-assembled objects to present original artists’ projects, critical writing on all aspects of art, media and commerce, interviews, photography, fiction, and in each issue, a specially commissioned CD. The magazine, dedicated to presenting a noncommercial, unmediated forum in which artists can present their work to the general public, is always ad-free.

For more information or to subscribe, go to
532 LaGuardia Place, #486
New York, New York 10012
Phone: (212) 473-0919
Fax: (212) 473-7212

Esopus is published by the 501(c)(3) non-profit Esopus Foundation Ltd. (

PREVIOUS ISSUES’ CONTENTS (limited copies available):

ESOPUS 1 (FALL 2003)
Artist’s projects by Beth Campbell, Chris Doyle and Richard Tuttle
“Hollywood Minute,” a short play by Christopher Durang
Don Bachardy’s 1975 portraits of The Stepford Wives
Film composer Carter Burwell on TV news music
Clay Eicher on the Architecture of Effect
Hamid Dabashi on Majid Majidi’s Baran
Eva Vives’ photographs and commentary on the cast of Raising Victor Vargas
Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #1 (removable poster)
CD with new songs from Dean Wareham, Mark Eitzel and DJ Afro, among others

Artist’s projects by William Christenberry, Hilary Lloyd and David Scher
“Dear Sissy, pt. 1,” a monologue by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Christopher Wheeldon on choreographing ballet to Gyorgy Ligeti’s music
Pamela A. Ivinski on Kurt Cobain’s lyrics and legacy
Edward McPherson on his 10 consecutive screenings of Mystic River
Amy Taubin on Chantal Akerman’s La Captive
Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #2 (removable poster)
CD with new songs from Low, Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth and agf/dlay, among others

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