August 12, 2004 - Cabinet - issue 14
August 12, 2004

issue 14

Issue 14

Cabinet magazine 

Cabinet magazine’s issue 14
with a special section on “Doubles,”
available now

Produced in conjunction with Kabinet magazine, St. Petersburg

Cabinet magazine’s issue 14, with a special section on “Doubles,” available now
Produced in conjunction with Kabinet magazine, St. Petersburg

“Foot-curving, lethargy-making, spark-exploding, knee-nailing, burning out, eye-screwing, sight-stopping, roof-stringing, vital-tearing, fibre-ripping.”

Not a review of the new Cabinet, alas, but a description by an early 19th-century English madman of the tortures inflicted on him by French spies. For more, see Christopher Turner’s article on the history of the “Influencing Machine” and the psychotic double.

The issue also includes:
– Viktor Mazin and Olesya Turkina’s essay on why the Soviet space program produced cosmonauts, not astronauts
– Josiah McElheny’s project on Total Reflective Abstraction, a movement suggested by a fleeting conversation between Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi
– Luc Sante on sepia and nostalgia
– Penelope Umbrico’s photographs of television screens from mail order catalogues
– The first English translation of a chapter from Ilya Ilf & Evgeny Petrov’s pictorial travelogue American Photographs, a book published in the Soviet Union two years before Walker Evans’s classic of the same name
– A postcard from Sanja Ivekovic’s 1970s project “Double Life”
– Alexander Nagel on the rise of the art forgery
– And more….

Of special interest to anyone with a memorable name: “The Rachel Gugelberger Experience,” a collaboration of sorts between Cabinet and the aforementioned person.

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