June 15, 2004 - Cabinet - Issue 13
June 15, 2004

Issue 13

Cabinet Issue 13, with a special section on “Futures”, is available now.

Accompanied by an audio CD featuring contributions by Janek Schaefer, Kara Lynch, Harald Bode, Dwight D. Eisenhower (!), and others.

Artist projects by Elizabeth Demaray, Gebhard Sengmuller, Aziz + Cucher, and others.

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Texts in the “Futures” section and elsewhere include Daniel Rosenberg on Theodor Nelson, the inventor of hypertext; Christoph Cox on the secret division of US artist-soldiers during WWII dedicated to developing new modes of aural and visual deception; Sasha Archibald on the history of the triskelion symbol; Brian Dillon’s interview with Steven Connor on the history of skin; Georges Didi-Huberman on dermographia; Ben Marcus on the color khaki; Joseph Masco on “desert modernism” in Las Vegas and the nuclear test sites in Nevada; Samantha Vincenty on the history of incubators; David Levi Strauss on Leon Golub’s files of found images; and more.

Also in the issue, the definitive, never-to-be-conceptually trumped six-page “Timeline of Timelines.”

For a full table of contents, see www.cabinetmagazine.org/issues/13/

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