May 24, 2004 - Krabbesholm Højskole - A new book and two audio CDs
May 24, 2004

A new book and two audio CDs

A new book and two audio CDs

Krabbesholm Hojskole
7800 Skive
+45 97 52 02 27

Krabbesholm is pleased to announce the publication of two audio CDs in our new CD series and a new book in our book series.
Lost Cat by Alejandra and Aeron
Alongside Stormhat: Klokker og Guldsmede, Alejandra Salinas & Aeron Bergman’s Lost Cat represents the first releases in Krabbesholm’s new series of CDs with audio works created by artists associated with the school. Lost Cat is a form of audio drama featuring real-life recordings from Krabbesholm. It all began with the director catching a mouse …
Krabbesholm Audio Disc kr001
Text, realization, music, editing and design by Alejandra Salinas & Aeron Bergman, Skive and Barcelona 2003-2004
Stormhat: Klokker og Guldsmede
The nom de plume “Stormhat” [Monkshood] was chosen by Krabbesholm’s resident art teacher, Peter Bach Nicolaisen, for his CD debut. His Klokker og Guldsmede ["Bells and Dragonflies"] is based on sounds recorded in his garden at Krabbesholm.
Krabbesholm Audio Disc kr002
Text, music, editing and design by Peter Bach Nicolaisen, Skive 2003-2004
L. T. Mikkelsen: r. o. n. reality or nothing
L. T. Mikkelsens book is number 10 in Krabbesholm’s series of books on artists, architects and designers associated with the school. The book is organized as one long interview with the artist. Based on some of the artist’s projects at Krabbesholm the book gives a broadly view over essential movements of art, architecture and design in the 20th century.
ISBN 87-91197-XX-X
Text: Lars Tingskov Mikkelsen & Kurt Finsten. Graphic design: Lars Tingskov Mikkelsen & Per Andersen

Founded in 1885, Krabbesholm is an old college rich in tradition. Occupying a special niche somewhere between a high school and university, Krabbesholm College is a Danish hojskole which teaches subjects associated with art, architecture and design. Krabbesholm is collaborating with artists, architects and designers from both Denmark and abroad who work at the school to integrate their various disciplines. New ideas often developed in concert with visiting artists result in projects of great importance to the students and the school. One such project was a photo house built in cooperation with Calofornian architecture school SCI-arc. Another yilded plans by Lars Tingskov Mikkelsen, Yvette Brackman, Ulrik Heltoft and Kurt Finsten for furnishing students’ rooms, in addition to a guest house by Jorge Pardo. A third – and ongoing project called “The Idea of a Chair” – has elicted contributions from some ten artists, architects and designers, including Ulrik Heltoft, Jason Dodge, Martin Boyce, Jorge Pardo and Chris Thurlbourne. And a fourth – a book series including books on Jorge Pardo, Yvette Brackman, Michel Auder and Anton Vidokle – is designed to recapitulate some of the many stimulation projects accasioned these days by Krabbesholm College.

Reality or Nothing – L.T. Mikkelsen
Here, There, Elsewhere – Anton Vidokle
DIN 1451: Font Book, A Process – Paul Ouwerkerk
Imagined Communities – Yvette Brackman
Autumn Winter Spring Summer Autumn – Jason Dodge
52 Days – Ulrik Heltoft
The Idea Of A Chair. Poem by Joe Scanlan – Kurt Finsten
Krabbesholm Mon Amour – Michel Auder
Pardo House – Jorge Pardo
Maden Pa Krabbesholm – Ragnhild Mosgaard

Krabbesholm is presenting a new initiative in continuation of our series of books about art, architecture and design: a series of CDs with audio works by artists associated with the school.
Two CDs are published simultanously:
Lost Cat – Alajandra Salinas & Aeron Bergman
Klokker Og Guldsmede [Bells and Dragonflies] – Stormhat

Krabbesholm Højskole
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