May 12, 2004 - Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art - NEW Center for contemporary art opens in Italy
May 12, 2004

NEW Center for contemporary art opens in Italy

NEW Center for contemporary art opens in Italy

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Image: Villa Manin seen from above
Photographic archive at the Regional centre for cataloguing and restoration of Villa Manin Passariano

From May 30th to November 7th 2004
Love / Hate From Magritte to Cattelan
Masterpieces from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Curator: Francesco Bonami
Vernice Pathways through Young Italian Painting
Curators: Francesco Bonami and Sarah Cosulich Canarutto
Sculpture Project By Jeppe Hein
Site-specific water sculpture for the garden of Villa Manin
Every / Body
May 30th 2004 at 9 pm in the garden of the Villa
Multimedia event with dance, video, music, theatre and performance
Curator: Sabrina Zannier

Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region together with the Azienda Speciale Villa Manin has created a new Centre for Contemporary Art situated within the historic estate of Villa Manin in Passariano, (North-Eastern Italy). The art institution, directed by Francesco Bonami (accompanied by Sarah Cosulich Canarutto as Curator) will feature an annual programme of curatorial and thematic exhibitions involving artists from all over the world and collaborations with prestigious international museums. The Centre aims to realise a wide spectrum of initiatives, from the commission of site-specific sculptures for the park, to projects with Central and Eastern European artists. The programme will also include multimedia events, linking the visual arts with performance, theatre, dance and video.
Love / Hate – From Magritte to Cattelan presents a selection of masterpieces from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, taking its name from a work by Bruce Nauman which is included in the show. The exhibition, which features modern works by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Donald Judd, provides a comprehensive vision of the evolution of art, from the modern to the contemporary. Amongst the artworks – which vary from video installation, painting, photography and sculpture – Maurizio Cattelan’s Felix commissioned for the MCA, and Jeff Koons’ Rabbit, on display in Italy for the first time.
Vernice – Pathways through Young Italian Painting is both a research and analysis of the contemporary pictorial language through the work of 24 young Italian artists. Investigating how new technology, from internet to the virtual, has influenced both the subject of painting and the artist’s relationship with the static and two-dimensional nature of the canvas. The subtitle highlights how in this show, painting is considered in its multiple interpretations and not limited to the traditional medium: from oil on canvas to embroidery, drawing to the digital image, to analyse how each artist chooses to express the ‘pictorial’ through an autonomous vision.

Danish artist Jeppe Hein realises a site-specific outdoor project for the garden in front of the Villa. Hein’s work Appearing Rooms draws on a diverse spectrum of references from the antique fountain to more contemporary divisions of so-called “immaterial” architectural space. Poetic and yet playful, he challenges the spectator to interact, daring us to enter his installations where alternated ‘water walls’ define virtual rooms. Taking into consideration the baroque architectural setting of the villa and its vast parkland, Hein’s water sculpture eloquently reflects the ethic of the new Centre, expressing the coming together of the historical and contemporary.

The Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art will celebrate the start of its exhibition programme, marking the occasion of its first day open to the public with a multimedia evening event. Every / Body, curated by Sabrina Zannier communicates the interactive dimensions of body experience through diverse artistic languages; dance, theatre, performance and video, proposing a unique show which will draw the audience into an evocative journey.

Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art
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