April 5, 2004 - frieze - issue 82 out now
April 5, 2004

issue 82 out now

frieze issue 82 out now


frieze issue 82 out now:
In the April issue frieze asks James Meyer, Lynne Cooke, Mary Heilmann, Mark Godfrey, Richard Wentworth, Liam Gillick, David Musgrave, Jasper Morrison and Deyan Sudjic to respond to Tate Modern’s Donald Judd retrospective, the first major survey of his work since 1988.

“It is a wonderful thing to be able to “think” squares, rectangles and circles, to picture flatness, smoothness, dimension and distance and to rehearse what is solid and what is hollow, what is empty and what is full. All in the head”. Richard Wentworth

“However large Donald Judd’s works became, they were invariably bodily scaled. Judd sought to make art that a viewer could see and know, and this meant his works could not overwhelm.” James Meyer

“The work encourages illusions whilst never becoming mysterious or sublime, a la James Turrell or Anish Kapoor.” Mark Godfrey

“Someone who worked for Judd gave me a secret and forbidden tour of his Spring Street studio. It was there that I understood that the life, the art and the home were one reality, and that psychology was an important part of this architecture.” Mary Heilmann

Also featured: Joerg Heiser on Tino Sehgal, Tom Morton on Milena Dragicevic, Morgan Falconer on Pierre Bismuth, Will Bradley on Michael Fullerton and Jonathan Bell on the relcacitrant architectural genius, Cedric Price.

In the front section Jan Verwoert wonders what can go wrong with art as cultural criticism at the 3rd Berlin Biennale, Bert Rebhandl sifts through Stanley Kubrick’s archive, Jerome Boyd-Maunsell acquaints himself with Rachel Cohen’s new book on artistic and literary collaborations, Brian Dillon looks into the cultural history of notebooks, Ronald Jones reaches into Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules and Emily King talks to the pioneer lighting designer Ingo Maurer about the lightbulb, fashions in light quality and Richard Serra.

The reviews section includes: Mark Wallinger, Luis Camnitzer, Nathan Carter, Adam Chodzko, Gabriel Lester, E.V Day, Camden Arts Centre, the 9th Cairo International Biennale, Tom Gidley, “The Book Show”, Simon Moretti, William Heath Robinson, Jennifer Steinkamp, “State of Play”, Frank Nitsche, “Splendor Geometrik”, Nancy Spero and Kiki Smith, Gianni Motti, Keith Wilson, Martin Gostner and Bob Nickas.

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