3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art

3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art

Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

March 30, 2004

3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art

berlin biennial and KW institute for contemporary art
auguststrasse 69, berlin-mitte


image:___fabrics interseason
(wally salner, johannes schweiger)
collection ADHOCRACY a/h 2004-05
photo credit: maria ziegelbock

3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art

art and migration
panel discussion in co-operation with the heinrich boll foundation

KW institute for contemporary art

What does the current preoccupation with the subject of migration within the art field mean, and which forms has it assumed in recent years?

The art world’s interest in the theme of migration also corresponds to similar tendencies in contemporary theory. What do these theoretical approaches refer to, and what connection exists between these and artistic expressions of the topic of migration? Does art serve an important social and political function here?

With regard to addressing problems of migration in today’s society, can art actually be ‘useful’ in a social and political sense, and does the theme of migration in fact revitalize old concepts of national culture? What exactly is the cultural and political significance of the topic of migration in German art – as well as in the context of the EU expansion?

kien nghi ha, political scientist / angela melitopoulos, video artist / manuela sambo, artist / claudia wahjudi, publisher and author / zlimir zlnik, filmmaker

boris buden, publicist and book author

The panel discussion will be conducted in German.
free entrance

other cinemas – other spaces
panel discussion

KW institute for contemporary art

The panel discussion intends to cover both general historical and cultural issues affecting gays and lesbians in the former East Germany as well as to make varied attempts at representing sexuality in the East and West. It will deal with the following questions:

In which respect did the conditions of film production in the East and West differ, and how did they influence the respective form of artistic film production?
What were the artistic traditions that formed the basis for filmmakers?
What were the social circumstances of production and how are they reflected in the works?
What were the specific discourses on gays and lesbians in both sectors of Germany?
What are the utopias of gays and lesbians in the East and West?
What incited directors to produce films of this kind and for whom were they made?
How have people who belong to this scene experienced the changes that have taken place during the 15 years since the Berlin Wall came down?

yvonne p. doderer, architect, urban researcher / ulmann-matthias hakert, author /
rainer herrn, natural and social scientist / claus loser, programme director of the archive ex.oriente.lux, brotfabrik berlin

stefanie schulte strathaus, programme director kino arsenal

The panel discussion will be conducted in German.

performance jam

KW institute for contemporary art

The 3rd berlin biennial concludes with a three-day Performance Jam from April 16 to 18, 2004, presented within a stage design by Bert Neumann, at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. The three-day-event is the 2nd part of the HUB SONIC SCAPES. The Performance Jam combines a variety of different sonic and performative formats, ranging from the concert and the performance to readings and fashion shows, in the open form of a jam session. Participants include: Beate Bartel, BLESS, Sonja Eismann and Christiane Erharter, Hanin Elias, embodiment, __fabrics interseason, Kerstin Grether and Max Freudenschuss, Peter Glaser, Russell Haswell, Florian Hecker, Khan, Kaffee Mathews, MERZBOW, Monotekktoni, Rhythm King and her friends, Rauberhohle, Nada Sebestyen, Marcus Steinweg, and others. Inga Busch will be the Conferencier on these evenings together with Freitag.

For updates please visit www.berlinbiennale.de.
Advance ticket sales start April 05, 2004.

3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art

KW institute for contemporary art
auguststrasse 69

niederkirchnerstrasse 7

kino arsenal
potsdamer strasse 2
opening hours
KW institute for contemporary art / martin-gropius-bau
wed – mon 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., closed on tuesday
screening time film programme
kino arsenal
wed 7.30 p.m., fri and sun 7 p.m.
guided tours
artistic director
ute meta bauer
general management
gabriele horn
berlin biennale fur zeitgenossische kunst e.v. in co-operation with kunst-werke berlin e.v.
The 3rd berlin biennial for contemporary art is largely funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Allianz Kulturstiftung.

The HUB MIGRATION is supported by the Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung.

for the film programme and schedule of events please visit www.berlinbiennale.de

subject to change

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March 30, 2004

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