Soloists and the band

Fondazione Baruchello

March 6, 2004

Soloists and the band: Critical reviews of shared artistic practices
Friday, 5 March 2004


Via Reggio Emilia 54, Rome


Friday, 5 March 2004 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

MACRO – the Rome Museum of Contemporary Art will be hosting a Conference entitled “Soloists and the Band. Critical reviews of shared artistic practices” on 5 March 2004. The BARUCHELLO Foundation, under the supervision of Carla Subrizi, will be organizing this event. Through this conference, the Baruchello Foundation wishes to propose some emerging questions regarding the most recent research and experiments in the field of art to scholars and experts in various sectors of contemporary art and philosophy. The title of the conference “Soloists and the band” also aims at focusing particular attention on the constitutional dynamics of the individuality or the subjectivity (the author, the work, etc.) as a state of co-existence of inseparably linked multiplicities, using the musical context as a metaphor.

The conference therefore proposes discussions on a theme that has become of great interest: specifically art as a creative process that cannot only be traced back to a single author, but to a multiplicity of subjects. Generally these artistic practices emerge from a process that places different individual and social situations in communication/relation. The work of art becomes a “common meeting place” – an area of sharing, a territory for exchange that connects singularities, experiences and individual abilities to each other. The concept of authorial properties and identity of the artist and the work, the artistic practice and its most recently assumed forms, the historical and critical observation of art processes that have demonstrated the possibility of radical transformations in the relations between artist/work/public, the conception of the work of art and its creation in relation with sites and non-sites of art and the focus on a greater participation of the public – these themes shall be dealt with in parallel to an investigation into the ways in which these similar questions are experienced in other contexts (such as science and music). Within the realm of the various aspects of this theme, the conference also proposes to outline a hypothesis of poetics for art which, without denying the aesthetic premises, also represents ulterior ethical-social points-of-view on behalf of art.

The aim of the conference is that of gathering together representatives of different disciplines, from philosophy to music and science, in order to recognize and focus on some single disciplines that are convergence points of the proposed themes in this present reality. Some of the guests who will be speaking on this subject are: Enzo Tiezzi (Physical Chemistry lecturer at the Siena University); Hou Hanru (independent curator, Paris); Giorgina Bertolino and Luisa Perlo (a.titolo group); Paolo Virno (philosopher, Language Philosophy lecturer at the Calabria University); Judith Revel (philosopher, Roma3 University); Luigi Cinque (musician and theoretician); Roberto Pinto (art historian and independent curator); Andrea Lissoni (Xing); Dora Stiefelmeier and Mario Pieroni (Zerynthia); Emilio Fantin (artist); Cesare Pietroiusti (artist); Carla Subrizi (Contemporary Art History and Contemporary Art Semiotics lecturer at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome); Gianfranco Baruchello (artist and president of the Baruchello Foundation).

The conference is associated with the workshop at the Fondazione Baruchello, under the supervision of Carla Subrizi. The workshop proceedings began in December 2003 and will be in progress until April 2004; its present edition is being conducted by Emilio Fantin and Cesare Pietroiusti. Hou Hanru and Enzo Tiezzi will be holding two ulterior proceedings in connection with the themes relating to the conference, respectively on March 4th and March 6th (on the premises of the Baruchello Foundation). The inauguration of an exhibition on 24 April 2004 will mark the close of the workshop proceedings.

Coordinator: Benedetta di Loreto

Press Office: Rosanna Tripaldi +39.3381965487


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Fondazione Baruchello
March 6, 2004

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