February 6, 2004 - Centro de Artes Visuais (CAV) - Jemima Stehli
February 6, 2004

Jemima Stehli

Jemima Stehli
Curated by Juliao Sarmento

PROJECT ROOM: Catarina Felgueiras / Nuno Ramalho
Curated by Miguel Amado

07 February – 21 March 2004

Colegio das Artes, 10
3000 Coimbra, Portugal
T. + 351 239826178
F. + 351 239820154


Image: Table 1. 1997/1998, (c) Jemima Stehli | Lisson Gallery, London

The Centro de Artes Visuais presents an exhibition by the English artist Jemima Stehli, organised in partnership with the Lisson Gallery, London, and curated by the Portuguese artist Juliao Sarmento. The project will be accompanied by a book reproducing the exhibited works and including essays by Michael Tarantino, Barry Schwabsky and Alexandre Melo.

Jemima Stehli’s work is a part of some of the most striking lines of aesthetic research currently being produced. Her reflection on the problematic of the body, on self-representation and on the critical quoting of canonical authors, as well as her exploration of topics such as the eroticising of the nude and fetishist desire, narcissism and voyeurism, and the relationship between sexual identity and power, place her practice at the heart of the main issues of contemporary culture.

The show prepared for the CAV includes a set of photographs in which Jemima Stehli is depicted, turning her own body, often completely naked, into an object that is not only fascinating but is also one of fascination. What is established is thus a more intimate and often disturbing confrontation between the observer and the author.

The CAV also presents a Project Room programme, curated by Miguel Amado. The first artists proposed are Catarina Felgueiras and Nuno Ramalho, two leading figures on the Oporto art scene. Both have created installations in which one may see a reflection on the currently mechanisms of artistic careers’ promotion. This is achieved through a critical attitude towards TV contests starring young people, such as the elections of “Misses” or the search for new talents in the music field. At the core of their work there lies thus an irony as to their own condition as emerging artists.


The Centro de Artes Visuais (CAV) is a contemporary art institution based in Coimbra, Portugal. The CAV is located in a recently refurbished historical building in the downtown of the city. The CAV has a main gallery that comprises around 500 square meters and an area devoted to small-scale interventions. The CAV is funded by the Portuguese government through the Ministry of Culture, as well as by the Coimbra Town Council.

The CAV holds a collection, organises five temporary exhibitions each year, both solo and group shows, and runs a Project Room programme. The CAV’s aim is to present the work of international and Portuguese acclaimed artists and to promote Portuguese emerging artists. The CAV opened its doors to the public in February 2003. Since then, the CAV has organised five exhibitions. One should highlight firstly “Gabriel Orozco”, the first solo show by this world wide acclaimed artist in Portugal, and “Trabalho”, a group show about “work” in Portugal.

Centro de Artes Visuais (CAV)
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