February 4, 2004 - GAMeC – Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo - Another Zero
February 4, 2004

Another Zero

Another Zero
6 February - 2 May 2004

GAMeC Galleria dArte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo


Haluk Akakce, Tobias Bernstrüp, Tobias Collier,

Tom Friedman, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Keith Tyson

Curated by November Paynter

Opening: 5 February at 18:00

Another Zero was proposed by November Paynter in response to the Premio Lorenzo Bonaldi per lArte EnterPrize, a prize conceived to commemorate Lorenzo Bonaldis passion for art and collecting. Awarded annually at an international level, this is the first prize of its kind to recognize and support not the work of an artist, but rather the research and exhibition project of a young curator, by encouraging and supporting their talent at an extremely critical moment in their professional career. The award aims to highlight the key role and importance of curatorial practice both for the international art scene and for the broader context of contemporary culture.

Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Director of GAMeC in Bergamo invites five international advisors to each nominate one curator under the age of 30. The five contestants are then asked to propose an exhibition concept conceived on the basis of an assigned budget and exhibition space. For this, the inaugural year of the competition the proposal Another Zero was selected by the prize jury to be presented at GAMeC.

What happens when you add another zero to the equation?

Ten to the power of zero – A man sleeps on a picnic rug

Ten to the power of twenty five – The edge of the universe

Ten to the power of minus eighteen – One atom in a hand

Another Zero was composed to relate to the architectural specifications and nature of the gallery space at GAMeC and the scientific, technological and artistic insight of the film Powers of Ten made in 1977 by Charles and Ray Eames, was used as a metaphor to probe the site and concept of the exhibition further.

The exhibition takes the idea of ‘zero’ as a constant, an absolute that everything stems out from. The selected artists propose different zero points through their work and then oscillate between a detailed and a more contextual – visual and mental -reading of the world around us. They examine geometrical systems and architectural structures to play with scale and perspective, questioning how everyday objects and mental calculations relate to each other in a wider context. In a similar way to the film Powers of Ten, the artists often focus on one event or element of everyday life, presenting or creating a scenario to describe its context. These new imagined environments and experimental applications suggest alternate or fantastical interpretations for natural and built evolutionary processes and allow the audience to re-imagine their own worldscape; the causes and consequences that link events, relationships and scientific problems.

Another Zero includes a specially commissioned wall painting by Haluk Akakce and a new lecture work produced for the exhibition by Keith Tyson. A catalogue published to accompany the exhibition includes images and text from the Eames work and an essay about the exhibition concept and included artists by Catherine Wood.

With support from the British Council.

GAMeC Galleria dArte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo

Via San Tomaso 53, Bergamo

T. +39 035 399528 – +39 035 236962

Web: www.gamec.it

Hours: Tuesday Sunday 10:00 19:00

Thursday 10:00 22:00

Closed Mondays

Free admission

GAMeC – Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo
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