December 17, 2003 - IUAV—University of Venice, Faculty of Arts and Design - Talk Show: Dialogues on Display with RadioArteMobile (RAM)
December 17, 2003

Talk Show: Dialogues on Display with RadioArteMobile (RAM)

Talk Show: Dialogues on Display with RadioArteMobile (RAM)

Faculty of Design and Arts IUAV

December 17 2003, h 18.00

Convento delle Terese, Faculty of Design and Arts IUAV, Venice

What is a dialogue: An exchange of information or a meeting of minds? What constitutes collaboration: An offering of functional know-how in pursuit of a practical end or an interpersonal and transdisciplinary relationship that creates space for unexpected results? The answers depend on the questions. And time and time again, the questions themselves can only emerge from concrete dialogues and collaborations.

The exhibition held from December 9-13 at VIAFARINI, Milan investigates these questions, manifesting itself as an opening up of possibilities more than a proposition of solutions. It provides the space for a multiplicity of encounters alongside works on display. On Wednesday 17 December, from 18.00, the exbition will be re-installed at the faculty of Design and Arts for the Christmas Party. The event, curated by Stefano Boeri and Hans Ulrich Obrist with Michele Brunello, Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, will oversee the interventions of the Installation Design class of the Faculty of Art and Design and the Urban Planning class of the Faculty of Architecture, IUAV.

Interviews, debates, interactive installations, performances and projections are just some of the many forms of dialogue that will be on display. Particular attention is being paid to process and works that expose the different ways in which art moves towards fields outside itself and in relation to other practices and areas of contemporary thought and knowledge. Artists, architects, designers, photographers, writers, dancers, stylists, musicians, sociologists and psychologists will be the protagonists of these events, projects, and reflections. Above all, they will be the protagonists of a series of dialogues initiated by the artists of the exhibition. These dialogues are between individuals, developed in unpredictable ways and with the conviction that the most interesting and fertile dimension of this project do not lie in institutionalized collaboration between disciplines, but in the encounters between people.

RadioArteMobile (RAM) the internet radio created by Zerynthia Association for Contemporary Art, in occasion of the exhibition Talk Show in Milan offered a live broadcast of the event recording interviews, dialogues and sound projects. All this material can be found on its website Within the Archive you will also have access to all the material RAM has recorded over the last 3 years. For the event in Venice on December 17th, RAM will interview each artist that participated in Talk Show and this material will also be on the website within the following days.

TALK SHOW: Dialogues on Display

Opening: Wednesday December 17, 18:00


1 Luca Baraldo Adriano Sofri – “Dialoghi Traditi”

2 Silvia Bassanese – Montalvo-Hervieu- danza identita -”CHOREOgraphy”

3 Ana Maria Bresciani – Giancarlo De Carlo Alessandro Floris-”Situazioni partecipative”

4 Enrica Cavarzan – Denis Santachiara “Sconfinamenti tra arte e design”

5 Marcela Cernadas 6 Sara d’Agostino – Esterni – Pip Chodorov + Agnes b. “CINEMA SPERIMENTALE – Jonas Mekas / Pip Chodorov”

7 Stefano Dal Piva – Francesco Nardi – “Dediche”

8 Stefania De Vincentis- Carlo De Mori – “Vernissage”

9 Silvia Ferri – Stefano Boeri PierLuigi Sacco “Canale 61″

10 Anna Longo Alessandro Rambuschi Randori

11 Valentina Mai – Gianluigi Ricuperati – “Narrazioni inesauribili”

12 Viviana Milan – “Les temps concentres”

13 Domenico Montano – Ente Nazionale Sordomuti sez. Milano

14 Nikola Uzonovski Chaos

15 Annapaola Passarini – Andrea Belfi – “soundscape 091203″

16 Giulia Pezzoli, Marina Saviano Stefano Pilia – “Anything about you?”

17 Massimo Premuda Rosemary Ferrari “Fashion Toys”

18 Giuliana Racco – Lorenzo Gori “I 12 km fra me e te”

19 Natasa Radovic – Leonardo Pelicioli (photoinstallation SPIRALOG) -Giorgio Olivero (performance B-UBU, The Ciccio Group at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea) – Marco Belpoliti, Ulrika Christiansen, Tal Drori, MassimoBanzi – dia + spiralog

20 Fabio Marullo Rio Suwa

21 Alejandro Real Paola Gallini “Warpreality”

22 Fabrizia Zorzenon, Allegra Martin, Elena Biasin – Mario Martinelli, Marco Petrus

23 Veronica Voltolina – Chris De Backer – “the modified car”

24 Sara Petrossi, Christian Sanson – Filippo Cavallari

25 Kristina Bojovic – Igor Rukavina

26 Alberto Zanco, Francesco Dal Col “Homeless”

27 Campana Claudia, De Faveri Massimo, De Zen Paolo, Parolin Davide -Michelangelo Penso

28 Isotta Poloni, Diego Superiori – “invitati ad una cena”

29 Lidija Lijic – Gordan Tudor

30 Gaston Ramirez- Andrea Leonello, Francesca Marchesin – “trialogo”

31 Derek Rowleiei Orpheus

32 Andres Aguirre Salazar

33 Virus – Stepan Trofimovic

Site of the exhibition: or

IUAV—University of Venice, Faculty of Arts and Design
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