November 26, 2003 - Krabbesholm Højskole - Editions + new website
November 26, 2003

Editions + new website

Editions + new website

Krabbesholm Allé 15
DK 7800 Skive
(+45) 9752 0227

Krabbesholm is pleased to announce the opening of our new website:

Editions by Jorge Pardo, Anton Vidokle, Michel Auder, Martin Boyce, Jason Dodge and other artists, architects and designers:

Image: Jorge Pardo, 40 x 118 cm / 77 x 157 cm each (framed). Pantone ink on transparent foil.

Krabbesholm is a Danish college that specializes in art, architecture and design. Krabbesholm cooperates with artists, architects and designers from around the world. Visiting artists stay at the school for various lengths of time and work on projects such as artworks, new buildings, interior design objects, books, chairs, CDs, video, as well as teach.

Krabbesholm courses are designed for students from Denmark and abroad who wish to build up a portfolio of work with a view to making an application to a degree course in architecture, art, graphic design, product design and photography.

For further information please visit our site:

Krabbesholm Højskole
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