November 10, 2003 - Museum in progress - Thomas Bayrle
November 10, 2003

Thomas Bayrle

Thomas Bayrle
Safety Curtain


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museum in pogress presents

Thomas Bayrle

A 176 m2 large scale picture installed temporarily on the original safety curtain at the Vienna State Opera House until June 30th 2004

Safety Curtain is an exhibition series conceived by the museum in progress in collaboration with the Vienna State Opera House, which transforms the safety curtain into a temporary exhibition space for contemporary art. Five projects have been completed since 1998: Kara Walker (1998/99), Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler (1999/2000), Matthew Barney (2000/2001), Richard Hamilton (2001/2002) and Giulio Paolini (2003/2003). An international jury (Daniel Birnbaum, Akiko Miyake, Hans Ulrich Obrist) selects the artists, whose work is then exhibited at the State Opera House during the opera season. This series will be continued until the season 2007/08.

A museum in progress project in co-operation with the Vienna State Opera,

made possible by Frank Stronach, Chairman Magna International

Support: German Embassy

Concept and coordination: museum in progress Vienna

Museum in progress
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