November 6, 2003 - Reinberger Galleries, The Cleveland Institute of Art - Wish you were here -The Art of Adventure
November 6, 2003

Wish you were here -The Art of Adventure

Wish you were here -The Art of Adventure
30/10/2003 - 30/12/2003

The Reinberger Galleries, The Cleveland Institute of Art
11141 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44106

Bas Jan Ader | Alex Baker | Becket Bowes | Bruce & Joan | Amy Cutler | Christoph Fink | Lordy Rodriguez | Christopher Sorg

Images: Becket Bowes, (left) The Capture of the Sphinx, (right) The Escape of the Sphinx, 2003

The postcard cliché, Wish you were here, admits the impossibility of perfectly shared experience between tourist and friend, or artist and spectator. Yet the phrase remains an optimistic invitation. Adventures thrill motivates seekers ranging from astronauts to venture capitalists, extreme sports aficionados, and artists. The artists included in Wish you were here are inspired by the adventure of popular culture, literature, and art; they are also adventurers themselves forging and fabricating physical and imaginative landscapes.

Inspired by Bas Jan Ader, who perished while attempting to sail in a small boat from America to Europe, the exhibition displays two of that artists late installations alongside the work of eight emerging artists. Their work contends that adventures can transcend diversionary tourist vacations or other spectacles of experience.

Curated by Cathleen Chaffee, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and David Carrier, The Cleveland Institute of Art/Case Western Reserve University.

Artists-in-residence, October November, 2003: Alex Baker, Becket Bowes, Bruce & Joan (Alexander Costello & Sarah Turner), Amy Cutler, Christoph Fink, Lordy Rodriguez, Christopher Sorg

The Art of Adventure Symposium

November 14, 6 pm

Becket Bowes, Amy Cutler, Lordy Rodriguez

Moderated by Saul Ostrow, Dean of Fine Art Environment and Chair of Painting, CIA and exhibition curators

Gallery talks

November 11, 5 pm

Surveying the Wild Solitudes: Photography and Exploration

Gary Sampson, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, CIA

November 18, 5 pm

Adventure/Misadventure: Picturing Power and Horror

John Ciofalo, Associate Professor of Art History, Case Western Reserve University

Kacalieff Lecture Series

Christopher Sorg | Thursday, October 16

Alex Baker | Thursday, October 23

Christoph Fink | Monday, October 27

Bruce & Joan | Wednesday, October 29

Premiere of video by Joëlle Tuerlinckx on Christoph Fink, October 30

A catalogue including texts by Chaffee, Carrier, and Michael Nerlich, author of The Ideology of Adventure (1977) is available through the Reinberger Galleries and Trucatriche Distribution, The Cleveland Institute of Art is an independent college of art and design committed to leadership and vision in all forms of visual arts education. Gallery hours: Monday Thursday & Saturday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-8pm, Sunday 1-5pm (Closed Nov. 27 & 28, Dec. 24 & 25)

Reinberger Galleries, The Cleveland Institute of Art
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