March 28, 2003 - Arte>Panamá Foundation (ARPA) - MultipleCity. Art Panama 2003
March 28, 2003

MultipleCity. Art Panama 2003

MultipleCity. Art Panama 2003
20/03/2003 - 20/04/2003

Arte & Panamá Foundation (ARPA)

Radical International Urban Art Event

Image: Gustavo Araujo, Things are tough

Organized by the non-profit Art&Panama Foundation (ARPA),
Art&Panama 2003 launches as a challenging new international urban
art event. The event, co-curated by New Museum of Contemporary Art adjunct
curator Gerardo Mosquera and ARPA director Adrienne Samos, is timed with
the Republic of Panama’s 100th anniversary of independence.
During four
weeks of public programming, site-specific installations and
by 14 leading international and local artists will debut at various
provoking a Latin American metropolis full of contrast into a dialogue
that will have a lasting impact on the city and its inhabitants.

“MultipleCity is not conceived as a long interactive experience of
artists with the city and its communities but as a response to its
fragmentation, hybridization and rapidity,” says curator Gerardo
“What we wanted is the artists’ reactions to the urban
environment of
Panama, both as passersby and natives.”

One of the most anticipated performances will be Cildo Meireles
play with Panama’s great historical icon, the Panama Canal. On
April 19,
the Brazilian installation art pioneer will navigate
“Panamini”, a scale
model of the large Panamax ships that cross the canal, by remote
beating the world record of the smallest ship ever to pass through the

Other highlights include Panamanian artist Brooke Alfaro’s video
projections of two opposing street gangs in one of the most dangerous
neighborhoods, featuring them singing the same song by popular local
musician Rookie. Mexico-based Francis Alÿs will provoke pedestrians
crossing a specific public site in the city into asking each other for
silence, thus forming a public “1 Minute of Silence”, while
local artist
Gustavo Araujo will invade empty billboards with the phrase “La
Cosa está
dura” (“Things are tough”), an ironic twist of a
common Panamanian idiom.
Cuban artist Yoan Capote inverts aesthetic as well as social values by
upholstering a dozen garbage containers in various parts of the city,
New York-based Ghada Amer will work with six painters to interpret
proverbs on a billboard placed strategically in a different urban site,
where each proverb will act as a critical comment on the city’s
contradictions at that particular place.

MultipleCity. Art&Panama 2003 will be accompanied by a series of
and documented in a 15-minute video by American video artist Rich
Later this year, a bilingual (Spanish/ English) catalog, edited by
Gualde, Gerardo Mosquera and Adrienne Samos, will be published. The
300-page volume will not only document the event itself but also include
essays by diverse scholars and experts, to examine the complex dynamics
Panama City and assess the pressing urban problems of Latin

For more information, the complete list of works and an event
please visit

Participating Artists

Brooke Alfaro

Born in Panama/ lives and works in Panama City

Francis Alÿs

Born in Belgium/ lives and works in Mexico City

Ghada Amer

Born in Egypt/ lives and works in New York City

Gustavo Araujo

Born in Panama/ lives and works in Panama City

Gustavo Artigas

Born in Mexico/ lives and works in Mexico City

artway of thinking (Stefania Mantovani/ Federica Thiene)

Born in Italy/ live and work in Venice

Yoan Capote

Born in Cuba/ lives and works in Havana

Cildo Meireles

Born in Brazil/ lives and works in Rio de Janeiro

Juan Andrés Milanés

Born in Cuba/ lives and works in Nueva Gerona

Rafael Ortega

Born in Mexico/ lives and works in Mexico City

Jesύs Palomino

Born in Spain/ lives and works in Seville

Humberto Vélez

Born in Panama/ lives and works in Manchester

Gu Xiong

Born in China/ lives and works in Vancouver

Arte>Panamá Foundation (ARPA)
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