Contemporary Editions Los Angeles

Contemporary Editions Los Angeles

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

March 17, 2003

A limited edition program

Los Angeles Contemporary Editions
6522 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

Image: Laura Owens, “Untitled,” 2002

Xerox transfer, watercolor, colored pencil on paper

14″ (h) x 10″ (w), Edition of 15

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions’ limited edition program,
Contemporary Editions Los Angeles, includes editions and multiples by
Kevin Appel (sold out), John Baldessari, Evan Holloway, Martin
Kersels, Sharon Lockhart, Laura Owens, Paul McCarthy (sold out), Jorge
Pardo(sold out), Raymond Pettibon (sold out), and James Welling.

We are pleased to announce a spring release of a limited edition by
Chris Burden. This edition is being produced in conjunction with
Burden’s May presentation at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions of an ambitious
sculptural/architectural project called “Small Skyscraper,”
realized in collaboration with architects Linda Taalman and Alan Koch of TK
Architecture, formerly of OpenOffice. Chris Burden’s sculpture is
a quasi legal skyscraper that functions as a domestic dwelling. It exploits a
loop hole the artist discovered in the Los Angeles County building codes that
allows small out buildings, like green houses and sheds, to be built
without a building permit if they stay within 400 square feet and under
35 feet high. “Small Skyscraper” uses these legal size
restrictions as a point of departure. The total structure, four rooms stacked one on top
of the other, measures 400 square feet and rises 35 feet in height.

“Small Skyscraper” will be built as a featherweight
structure, constructed from a kit of aluminum parts and is designed to be erected by untrained
builders with a minimum of tools and equipment at a fraction of the cost
of a more traditional domestic dwelling. “It’s kind of like a modern day log cabin” (Chris Burden).

Chris Burden’s limited edition will relate both formally and
conceptually to this exciting project. Reserve one in advance by contacting Julie
Deamer, Development Coordinator, at 323.957.1777 x 17. Next to come will
be a highly anticipated edition by Jim Shaw.


John Baldessari’s print uses two found images: one, a
portion of a movie still that features the figure of a naked man, supine and loosely coiled
in thick rope; the other, a photograph of an Art Nouveau-inspired female
nude wearing nothing but a look of glee. Edition of 20.

Evan Holloway’s “Free Space Meter Boot,” offers
a kind of renegade hospitality or a small utopic gesture. “Free Space Meter
Boot” is designed to fit over a parking meter. Once in place, it cannot be removed unless
the meter is actually cut away — thus offering a free (albeit
temporary) parking space. Each edition includes a color photograph documenting the
installation of the Meter Boot Prototype on 29 March 2000. Edition of

Martin Kersels’, “Angry Horde” is comprised of a orange tree branch, torch
head, torch hose, valved propane tank of 20 ounces, striker, and hanging
hardware. It is an amusing, poignant, and utterly non-partisan object
that can function as easily for a member of a rioting mob as it can for
the collector who needs an elegant poolside torch. Edition of 15.

In a rare black-and-white portrait, Sharon Lockhart’s
“Ben Gazzara, Los Angeles, California, March 21, 1998,” creates a quiet yet
intensely provocative character study. The subject is actor Ben Gazzara, a
well-known colleague of director John Cassavettes, whose films have
greatly influenced Lockhart. Edition of 15.

Each one of Laura Owens’ untitled prints have been
individually enhanced with watercolor and colored pencil to create a slightly different, yet
unique image. The result is a fanciful depiction of a tree surrounded by
birds perched on branches and in flight. Edition of 15.

James Welling’s print entitled “Lock” is a
verdant, color-saturated landscape investigating Welling’s interest in the challenge of
capturing the color green on film. Edition of 15.

Contemporary Editions Los Angeles is an entrepreneurial
initiative inaugurated by Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in May 1998 as part
of the organization’s efforts to sustain its fiscal health, and promote its
economic growth and autonomy. All proceeds from the sale of these
editions are applied toward the programs at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions,
which maintains an unwavering commitment to innovation in the visual

Thank you!

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Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
March 17, 2003

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