March 14, 2003 - Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage - The Exhibition As A Work Of Art
March 14, 2003

The Exhibition As A Work Of Art

The Exhibition As A Work Of Art
18/03/2003 - 28/03/2003

Escola De Artes Visuais Do Parque Lage
Rua Jardim Botânico 414
Rio de Janeiro 22461-000
t: + 55 21 2538-1879
f: + 55 21 2537-7878

Curated by: Jens Hoffmann

Opening: March 17, 2003 8 PM followed by a conversation between Luiz Camilo Osorio and Jens Hoffmann

In collaboration with: Nuclear – Núcleo de Livres Estudos de Arte e
Cultura Contemporânea / Instituto de Artes /Universidade do Estado do
Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)


Artur Barrio

Ricardo Basbaum

Ana Paula Cohen

Iran do Espirito Santo

Paulo Herkenhoff

Lisette Lagnado

Laura Lima

Ivo Mesquita

Adriano Pedrosa

Luiz Camillo Osorio

Carla Zaccagnini

The Exhibition As A Work Of Art will be an exhibition that
emerges from questions on exhibition making to reach a point where an exhibition
could potentially exist without any art works but become a work of art on its
own. The aim is an investigation on the creative and artistic engagement
of curators within the making of art exhibitions.

Already during the 1960s and 70s exhibition makers such as Harald
Szeemann or Pontus Hulten claimed the creative and artistic capacities of
curators and established curatorial models in which exhibitions would not only
form a devise for the presentation of art but become a creative principal in
their own right. Particularly during the 1980s many curators were
refereed to as exhibition directors or exhibitions authors who would, through the
manner in which they presented, grouped and arranged works of art,
create new meaning in the form of the overall compositions of their shows.
Today the fixation of the curator on personal interests is widely criticized
and more theoretical and collaborative concerns have emerged that try to
give as much space to the artists as possible. However, another form of
curating has appeared as well, one that questions and investigates the
very concept of curating and the system behind the making of
exhibitions. Not unlike strategies known from Conceptual Art, the goal is a deeper
understanding and engagement with this particular form of presenting art
in order to formulate and foster a wider diversification of curatorial

Considering the educational environment of the Escola De Artes
Visuais the project will investigate and present shifts in
curatorial practice by means of short written statements in order to look at a
recent history of exhibition making in Brazil. The participants are all widely
acknowledged protagonists of the Brazilian art scene, which has over the
course of the last thirty years emerged as one of the globe’s most
dynamic places in regards to the contemporary art discourse. The participants
will include a diverse group of artists, curators, and writers that all have
relations to the thought of the art of exhibiting and the exhibition as
art on which this project is based. The statements will be presented in
the gallery space along with an opening wall text. The intention is to
actually ask all participants to critically reflect upon the idea of an
exhibition that would take a complete conceptualization of the
exhibition model into consideration and how this could in fact take shape from the
various points of view.

A publication will accompany the exhibition published by Edition
Valerio. It can be ordered by sending an email to:

Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage
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