March 10, 2003 - Cinema MK2 - The pursuit of happiness
March 10, 2003

The pursuit of happiness

La poursuite du Bonheur / The pursuit of happiness

Cinema MK2 Bibliothèque
128/162 avenue de France
Metro: Bibliothèque

A film by Jimmie Durham

with Anri Sala

The director and the main actor will be present at the screening.

Tuesday March 11th, 2003, 10:30PM

(the film is 13 min. long)

Please bring a print-out of this e-mail to be granted admission.

“There’s a young Indian man, played by Anri Sala, the Albanian artist;
he’s walking along with plastic sacks, picking up different things in
the desert – desiccated animal bones, garbage and so on. He then gets to
the highway and walks along the shoulder of the highway, still picking
up all the garbage he can find. The next scene finds him back home in his
little shack, his trailer house, making art from this garbage. People
have asked me if its an autobiographical film, and it’s not really. The art
work looks more like the work of an American-Indian Julian Schnabel or
something.” (Jimmie Durham)

Written and directed by Jimmie Durham

13 mn

Producer: Alves-Durham GbR

Executive producer: Mario Pieroni and Dora Stiefelmeier Zerynthia

With Anri Sala in the role of Joe Hill, an American Indian artist
(probably Shoshone or Paiute)

And Mario Pieroni in the role of Max Boldo, a gallery owner (from Denver
or perhaps Los Angeles)

Actors in the exhibition opening :

Florian Agalli

Augusto Alveti

Giuseppe Alveti

Elisabetta Benassi

Anna Rosa Bidolli-Cotroneo

Marco Fedele di Catrano

Alfredo Conticello

Giovanni Cotroneo

Maurizio Marrone

Nadia de Persis

Mario Pieroni

Maria Rosa Sossai

Marcello Smarrelli

Vanessa Olivieri

Luigi Ontani

Anri Sala

Dora Stiefelmeier

Antonio Trimani

Actors in the airport:

Emily Mast

Anri Sala

Giuliana Carusi Setari

Actors in the cafe:

Chiara Fedele di Catrano

Marco Fedele di Catrano

Jimmie Durham

Anri Sala

Dora Stiefelmeier

Production Manager: Antonio Trimani/Ethicalimaging

Music: Silvia Ocougne

Musicians: Jimmie Durham, Rob Gutowski, and Hella v.Ploetz

Photography: Maria Thereza Alves

Sound engineer: Markus Boehm/ Studio Samples and Frames, Berlin

The works of Joe Hill are by Jimmie Durham

Editing: Merle Kroeger/Homeproductions

Matthias Behrens/Wave-line, Berlin

Shot in the following places: In italy: the towns of Paliano, Piglio,
Valmontone and Rome. Paris and Berlin

With support from:

Tommaso et Giuliana Setari

and the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD

Gallery 101 Ottawa, Canada.

Thanks to:

Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Regione Lazio

Angelo Miele, mayor of Valmontone

Nazareno Gabrielli, mayor of Piglio

Armenio Giordani, mayor of Paliano

Aéroports de Paris, Orly

Opera Paese

Raul Alves

Guiseppe Alveti

Laurence Bossé

Pascale Cassagnau

Sandra Cattini

Elisabetta Colaceci

Mary Durham

Pietro Fortuna

Eda Gordon

Paul Guerin

Cisco Jimenez

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Vivian Rehberg

Samon Takahashi

Special thanks to MK2 for hosting the event (in particular Nathanaël
Karmitz and Caroline Bourgeois)

translation: Elena Filipovic

Cinema MK2
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