February 25, 2003 - Silicon Philosophies - Silicon Philosophies
February 25, 2003

Silicon Philosophies

Silicon Philosophies

Silicon Philosophies
612 South 2nd Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
Tel: 215.923-5063


Images: Jeremy Blake, top – Incense Burner; bottom –

What is it that ……

… Doug Aitken, Adriana Arenas, Jeremy Blake, Anney
Bonney, Christine Borland, Laura Cottingham, Molly Davies, DJ Spooky, Cheryl
Donnegan, Jeanne Dunning, Eva & Adele, Fabric Workshop, Feigen
Contemporary, Anna Gaskell, Douglas Gordon, Danny Hobart, Jamaica
Artists Alliance, Casey Kaplan, Nicole Klagsbrunn, Richard & Monika Koech,
Larsen Dennis & Maria Friberg, Miranda Lichtenstein, Christina Lissmann,
Museum Ludwig, Christian Marclay, Matthew McCaslin, Patrick Meagher,
Thom Merrick, Aernout Mik, Sarah Morris, Tony Oursler, Paul Pfeiffer, John
Pilson, P.S.1, Queens Museum, SONY-Germany, Javier Tellez, David Tieger,
Rosemarie Trockel, Whitney Museum, Karen Yasinsky, Zane …

and numerous others share in common? A relationship with the resources
of Silicon Philosophies – a dedicated facilitator of media art
since 1998, and one of the best kept secrets in the art world.

Prizewinning successes that we’ve seen at Biennales (John Pilson –
2001,Rosemarie Trockel, Richard Koech – 1999), as well as at The Armory Show,
Creative Time at the Anchorage, Bitstreams, Basel Art Shows, P.S.1,
etc.,are part of the heart and soul efforts of Silicon Philosophies.
Generous service of technical expertise in video to DVD conversion, installation
planning, behind-the-scenes and on-site assistance, and helping out
wherever necessary from start to finish then on to the next project, is
the nature of this group.

Going beyond the call of duty, they have been providing the majority of
their art disc production pro-bono to the international community since
the advent of DVD’s, including the first major DVD-based exhibition:
I Love New York at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. Other contributions
to the art community include help in defining presentation concepts, assistance
in the construction of video installations, purchasing and providing
equipment at ‘cost’ or giving loans of DVD players and projectors
whenever and wherever required, and reliably coming through in a last minute
clinch, like a longtime good friend.

Silicon Philosophies has also often provided their service as a
way of introducing new technology. Their original team engineered the
world’s 1st DVD Studio Encoding System at Toshiba Research center in Princeton for
Time Warner’s California Video Center and recently developed a new
video instant-messaging system. Extending their partnership across the arts
into interactive education, communication and Medical Imaging, Silicon
Philosophies’ core objective is to advocate the use of
technology to improve quality of life. In demonstration of their
“philosophy”, the
application, ‘Click’, is currently being given to Children’s Hospitals
to facilitate communication between Intensive Care patients and their
families, as well as enable Distance Learning.

For more information, a description of services and project samples,
please go to www.siliconphilosophie
s.com , or send requests for a
demo DVD disk, comments and inquiries to info@siliconphilosophies.com

Silicon Philosophies
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