February 4, 2003 - Chac Mool Gallery - Yoshua Okon and Micol Hebron at Arco’03
February 4, 2003

Yoshua Okon and Micol Hebron at Arco’03

Yoshua Okon and Micol Hebron at Arco’03

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Chac Mool is pleased to present Yoshua Okon and Micol Hebron at
Arco’03, co-curated by Sandra Antelo-Suarez and Esthella Provas.

Hall 9, Stand number UC940

Yoshua Okon imbues satire and caricature, putting in tension notions of
non-fixed morality and ethics to be arbitrated by the viewer. For New
Décor (2001), a three-channel video projection, Okon recruits
passersby as actors to improvise clichéd soap scenes of “love,”
“the jealous girlfriend” and “the painful break-up”. Soon the
actors break free and bring their own life into the role, showing the tenuous line between
fiction and reality.

In Fountains (1999), a six-channel video installation, Micol Hebron
ingests colored foods & liquids she then vomits, erasing the boundary
between the interior of her body and the exterior world. Hebron’s
action of vomiting a color matching her outfit becomes the virtual paintbrush
for the construction of the monochromatic compositions of her video scenes.
The piece offers a commentary on the role of the artist as producer of
creativity and the body as a vehicle for making art.


right – Yoshua Okon, “New Decor”, three channel video installation

left – Micol Hebron, “Fountain”, six channel video installation

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