January 27, 2003 - NU: The Nordic Art Review - NU: The Nordic Art Review
January 27, 2003

NU: The Nordic Art Review

NU: The Nordic Art Review

NU: The Nordic Art Review
Jakobsgatan 27 nb
111 52 Stockholm, Sweden


Money lost, political struggles, but…


Started in 1999, NU: The Nordic Art Review has had a difficult year. As
of 31 December 2002, our main funder withdrew its support 31 December 2001,
and since we have been trying to find a new structure and additional
funding. Now we are happy to tell you that we are back on the track again.

Our base is still Stockholm and we will continue to be both global and
local. We will broaden the international art community with information
and in-depth analyses of the Northern European art scene, parallell to a
selection of the most interesting artists or practises from all
continents of the world.

The new issue has 164 pages and a new format and design. The lead
article, by Sara Arrhenius, explores the work of the Swedish artist
Annika von Hausswolff, and her linkage of melancholy and reality. The Swedish
writer and artist Andreas Gedin focus on the Taiwanese Tehching
Hsieh’s “one-year-performances”, and the German Jens Hoffmann considers
his fellow countryman Carsten Höller’s thesis that doubt is essential!

The American April Lamm kept an essay-like diary of her life as
an investigative art journalist: Why see all the mega-exhibitions when
these days it is enough to see (and buy) the pictures on key rings and mouse
mats. Also included are six intellectual portraits of art personalities
such as the Danish gallerist Christian Chapelle, the Italian
collector Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, the Portuguese curator
Isabel Carlos,
among others.

NU: is also expanding the field beyond the visual arts. The new
issue’s two articles on architecture include a round-table discussion between
Rachel Withers, Gail Davis and Andrea Tarsia, all from the UK, about the influence of Mies van der Rohe’s patriarchal, personal
image on his architecture.

On this occasion the artist’s projects are a fold-out by the Swede
Anna Nyberg and a photograph project by Erik Snedsbøl from
Norway. And in the new section UN:, the Swedish writer Kim West has put together a
section of critical texts about the politicisation of the places where art is put
on display, with contributions from the Italian art and architecture group
A12, plus museum directors Nicolas Bourriaud from France and Maria Lind from Sweden. In this issue UN: has been designed by the Swedish
Karl Holmqvist.

NU: The Nordic Art Review is distributed by Nätverkstan at Press Stop
in Sweden, and is sold in well-stocked bookshops and at museums,
Kunsthalles and galleries. NU: is also distributed by Interpress (Nordic countries),
Narvesen (Norway), CDB (Denmark), the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa (Finland)
and by Central Books (UK and the rest of the world).

Subscribe and advertise: www.nordicartreview.nu

More information: nu@nordicartreview.nu

Address: NU: The Nordic Art Review, Jakobsgatan 27 nb, 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden

NU: The Nordic Art Review
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